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Apple releases macOS Catalina 10.15.7 with bug fixes

Today, alongside iOS 14.0.1, Apple has also released a bug fix update to macOS Catalina, with 10.15.7 which actually fixes a few major issues that have been present. One of the issues affected WiFi, where the Mac would not connect automatically to a WiFi network. Release Notes macOS Catalina‌ 10.15.7 provides important security updates and bug fixes for your Mac. – Resolves an issue where macOS would not automatically connect […]

Apple releases iOS 14.0.1 with bug fixes

Just over a week since Apple releases iOS 14 to the public, a new bug fix release is here, with iOS 14.0.1. With this release Apple is focusing solely on bug fixes. One of the features introduced with iOS 14 was the ability to change the default web browser and email app, but a bug occurred which caused those preferences to be reset back to default if the device was […]

VW up! GTI disappears from UK online car configurator

As the new Golf GTI Mk8 enters the scene starting today – which you can now order, the iconic up! GTI seems to have been removed from the Volkswagen online car configurator completely, the little hot hatch was introduced in 2018, then taken off the market in April 2019. This was due to the way emissions are tested with the new WLTP testing procedure and also the allocation of cars […]

Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk8 now available to order

Volkswagen unveiled the new eighth generation Golf GTI earlier this year in February and starting today, the UK order books have now opened with prices starting at £33,460. We covered all the new aspects of the Mk8 GTI earlier the year but we’ll run down the specs in this article. The new Golf GTI is based on the existing Mk8 Golf which was launched last year, with a new modern […]

Microsoft will be launching a non-subscription based Office next year

Microsoft has long been offering Office only via a subscription to Office 365, which is billed monthly or yearly. In the past, Microsoft used to offer Office as a one off fee and then users could upgrade when they feel best or things stop working. Also with nearly everything moving to subscriptions, there is such a thing as ‘subscription fatigue’ and Microsoft has acknowledged this. In a recent blog post, […]

Ford introduce new Puma ST, with 197bhp

Back in May this year, Ford shared some tease videos and photos online of an upcoming Puma ST, the current Puma has already won What Car? of the year and now Ford has a new high performance version of the baby SUV. This is Ford’s first performance SUV to be launched in Europe, the company already launched an ST version of the Edge in the US recently and now we have […]

NHS launches its Contact Tracing app in England and Wales

Last night, the NHS launched its official contact tracing app here in the UK on the iOS app store and Android too. This app is using the official ‌‌Exposure Notification‌‌ API developed in conjunction by Apple and Google, the NHS did initially plan on an contact tracing app not using the API but quickly back tracked to develop one using it. The official ‌‌Exposure Notification‌‌ API has been designed to […]

Volkswagen introduces new all electric ID 4 SUV, will be available globally

Today Volkswagen has introduced the new all electric ID 4 SUV, this is the first model in the ID range which will be a fully global car, with factories across the world set to be producing the car in an entirely carbon neutral way. The ID 4 will be produced in Zwickau, Germany and for China in two factories in Anting and Foshan. Volkswagen will also be offering the ID […]

Amazon Prime Day could be taking place next month

Amazon invented its own holiday/sales day and hey its Amazon, they can and it works. The first Prime Day launched in July 2015 in honour of the company’s 20th anniversary. The last Prime Day took place on the 15th and the 16th of July 2019. But due to ongoing demand and just the complications with the coronavirus, hosting a massive sales day probably wasn’t the best idea. Amazon came out […]

MG announce new all-electric MG 5 estate, starting at £25k

MG has today announced the new MG 5 estate and this is the only all electric estate care currently on the market Europe. The MG 5 is based on the existing Roewe Ei5 from China, Roewe is owned by SAIC, who is the parent company of MG and has been since 2006. The MG 5 has two trim levels available, the Excite and the Exclusive. Both models have the same […]