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New VW Golf 8 GTI will be revealed at the Geneva motor show in March

The annual Geneva motor show is nearly upon us and a few days ago, Volkswagen announced that the new Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI will be revealed at the show. The new Golf 8 has already been on sale for a little while already, albeit with not many trim levels available at the moment. The first Golf GTI was actually unveiled forty five years ago at the IAA in Frankfurt, but […]

Apple Music Replay now offers a week-by-week playlist

Last year, Apple launched replay playlist, which is very similar to Spotify’s ‘Wrapped’ version which basically takes your most played artists, songs genres over the past year and makes you a special unique playlists and presents you with some stats on your listening habits over the year. Apple now has a weekly playlist, called Replay 2020 which automatically updates since a Sunday to show the most listened to music over […]

Shelby launches the ‘Shelby Signature Series Mustang’

Last week, Shelby unveiled the new Shelby Signature Series Mustang, which is a highly upgraded Shelby Mustang Super Snake which includes extra performance and appearance upgrades. The new Signature Series version is $127,795 and has Ford’s 5-litre V8 with 825bhp, with a flow through Borla exhaust, and new inlets on the bonnet to force air into the supercharger. All four alloys are new too, forged Monoblock 21-inch versions, with Micheal […]

Google is launching Stadia on 18 new phones

Google Stadia, its new cloud gaming service is now launching on 18 new phones. Up until now, Google has made Stadia an exclusive for the Pixel line of phones, but last week Google has made the gaming service available elsewhere. The new phones Stadia supports are as follows: Asus ROG Phone, ROG Phone II, Razer Phone, Razer Phone II and these Samsung models too: S8, S8+, S8 Active, Note 8, […]

Volkswagen unveils brand new fifth-generation Caddy

Last week, after a few months of test vans being spotted – Volkswagen revealed the all new Caddy van for 2020, and it really is all new. It now sits on the MQB platform, is more aerodynamic, the interior is much more modern and there are more engine choices. What’s new? For a start, the new Caddy sits on Volkswagen’s all new MQB platform which allows for more room, a […]

Weekends with A&T Tech – Best stories of the week

Another week has gone by and it’s time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on A&T Tech. In the news this week, Volkswagen announced that it will be shutting down its coal power plants at Wolfsburg soon, Instagram responded to questions about an iPad app, saying: “we only have so many people” and Tesla updated the Model S with more range, as well as a few extra […]

Global web traffic increased a lot in 2019

According to a report from SimilarWeb the worldwide internet traffic has increased by a lot since last year, with most of the increase coming from the rapid adoption of mobile devices. The report has said that web traffic from mobile devices has increased by 30.6% in the last two years. The report has also said users are using desktops less and less to browse the web on, with a drop of […]

Ubiquiti launches the ‘Flex Mini’ managed UniFi switch

Ubiquiti is always expanding its line of UniFi products, in the last few months the company has launched the UniFi Dream Machine, UniFi Dream Machine Pro, UniFi Building Bridge, the new line of Gen2 UniFi Switches, a new UniFi plug and much more and now the company has introduced one of its most affordable UniFi devices yet, the new Flex Mini managed switch. I have read on forums before that […]

Deal: Apple iPhone XR has £120 off today on

The iPhone XR is only one generation of iPhone old now, released at the same time as the iPhone XS and also most of the same specs as the iPhone XS, the same A12 Bionic system on a chip, and the main camera is the same spec, at 12MP. Being a slightly less expensive phone than the iPhone XS, the XR only has one camera whereas the iPhone XS from […]

Roku says it now has 36 million active users

Roku has said this week that we are now in the decade of streaming, which Roku said is the “streaming decade” – probably something we knew quite a while back, what with Netflix in full force, Disney has launched Disney+ and Apple launched Apple TV+ in November. But Roku is doing very well at the moment and the retail sales for the company has increased by 33% in the last quarter […]