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Ford Galaxy and S-Max MPVs to go hybrid next year

Over in the US, Ford has famously stopped producing any regular passenger cars which means the Focus, Fiesta and any other smaller cars have been dropped. But here in the UK and the rest of Europe, we have favoured estate cars, small hatches and back in the 90s, MPVs were all the rage. Lately, people carriers or MPVs have dropped in a bit in popularity in favour of more trendy […]

Weekends with A&T Tech – Best stories of the week

Another week has gone by and it’s time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on A&T Tech. In the news this week, What Car? Magazine had their annual awards for the car industry and Ford won ‘Car of the Year’ this year with the brand new Ford Puma, Bose announced that it is closing retail stores in US, Europe and other areas, Facebook is rolling out […]

Bose is closing down all of its retail stores in Europe and the US

In a report from The Verge this week, we have learned that Bose, premium audio brand is planning on closing all of its retails store locations in Europe, UK all of the US, Japan and Australia. These four areas amount to a total of 119 stores which are to be closed down. Bose stores in China, UAE, India, South Korea and Southeast Asia will remain open – totalling to 130 stores. Why […]

Fortnite on iOS now supports 120FPS gameplay

This week, Epic Games released a significant update for Fortnite, the hugely popular multiplayer game which is on iOS, Android, Xbox and every platform you can think of. The newest update, amongst other updates now supports 120 frames per second on the latest generation of iPad Pro, which is the 2018 model. Fortnite for iOS is now on version 11.40 and this now includes better support for controllers as well […]

Apple will be releasing ‘The Banker’ film after all

In November last year, Apple released a trailer for and upcoming film ‘The Banker’ which was supposed to be released on Apple TV+ this month after its debut in cinemas in the US in December. It would have been shown in cinemas in order to be eligible for nomination for awards. But later that month, the film didn’t go ahead and the theatrical release was delayed too. At the time, […]

BMW i8 will stop being manufactured this April, company focusing more on all electric cars

BMW has been manufacturing the i8 hybrid for over 5 years now, from when the car launched in the US in 2014. This week, BMW announced that production for the car would be ending in April due to the company focusing on more bespoke electric cars, just like Volkswagen is. The BMW i8 was launched as a two seater plug in hybrid as a rival to the Porsche 911 and […]

New Facebook design begins rolling out to users

Last year, Facebook promised us that a new design for the desktop version of the site would be coming at some stage, and now a very small percentage can see the new design live. The new look is a lot less cluttered, more space is given back and brighter colours are used all round. CNET reported recently about “The New Facebook” – which is what the redesign is being called should […]

Ford wins What Car? Car of the year 2020 with the new Ford Puma

The annual What Car? awards took place last night and Ford has won Car of the Year for 2020, with the brand new Ford Puma compact SUV. Ford has only just launched the new car and What Car? said: “The judges praised the Puma for being fun to drive, cleverly packaged and well priced. Additionally, What Car?’s independent True MPG tests showed it to be extremely economical in real-world driving, […]

Instagram brings direct messages to the desktop

Instagram on the desktop, the web that is still doesn’t have many features and direct access to DMs is one of them, so now Instagram is rolling this feature out to the web version. The support is rolling out so you may not see it yet as only a “small percentage” will for the initial test phase. DMs, but make them desktop. 👍 We’re currently testing Direct messaging on the […]

Windows 7 is now no longer officially supported by Microsoft

That’s it, times up – no ifs, not buts – Windows 7, it’s over. Today is the day, Microsoft has now dropped support for Windows 7. Users still using the over ten year old operating system will now no longer get any software or security updates. We reported back in December that Microsoft would be ending support for Windows 7 today and that at the time, 17% of business in the […]