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Deal: LIFX B22 and E27 both have £10 off today on

If you’re in the market for expanding your smart home, or even getting into building a smart home, the best place to start is with the lighting and arguably, one of the best companies making smart lights at the moment is LIFX. Each bulb individually is connected to your WiFi network, with no hubs involved and each bulb is assigned its own IP address which means you can decide if […]

Octopus travel card now works with Apple Pay in Hong Kong

This week, Octopus in Hong Kong has now started to support Apple Pay as a method of, well using the service. Octopus, like Suica in Japan has been deeply integrated into iOS and Apple Pay. Octopus is the most popular transit card in Hong Kong, it works like the Oyster card here in the UK but shares most of its similarities with Suica in Japan. Customers in Hong Kong, starting […]

Apple releases iOS and iPadOS 13.5.1 with minor security issues fixed

Today, Apple has released a minor update to iOS and iPadOS, with 13.5.1 and it brings some minor changes – Apple has said this new update fixes some important security issues. iOS 13.5 was released recently and it brought some necessary features for the ongoing coronavirus, such as support for the Exposure Notification API as well as optimising Face ID for users who are wearing masks, which is a lot […]

Weekends with A&T Tech – Best stories of the week

Another week has gone by and its time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on A&T Tech. In the news this week, Volkswagen will only be selling its range of ID cars online, Disney+ is launching in Japan next month, Apple has won an award for its Pro Display XDR, Twitter has now added the ability to schedule tweets on the web and Fortnite and OnePlus […]

Skoda discontinues the Karoq Scout, Kodiaq Scout and all diesel versions of the Kamiq

Skoda is doing some cleaning up of its product line here in the UK, for a start it is discontinuing its ‘Scout’ versions of the Kodiaq and Karoq SUVs, these were essentially, a ruggedised version of the car it is based on, with plastic moulds around the wheel arches, increased ride height and four wheel drive. Autocar spoke to Skoda today who confirmed that the ‘Scout’ versions will be dropped soon, […]

Beats will launch new colours of the Powerbeats Pro in June

Today, Apple and Beats have announced four new colours of the all wireless Powerbeats Pro earbuds, when the initial headphones launched over a year ago in April 2019 the original colour options were somewhat muted, we had Ivory, Moss, Navy and Black. To get back to Beats roots, there are now four additional pastel colours. Now available is yellow, pink, red, and blue. This announcement is very on brand for […]

Car dealerships in Northern Ireland to reopen again on the 8th June

This week, we reported that the PM has allowed some non-essential shops to reopen again soon and that does include car deanships on the 1st June, but only in England and this doesn’t include Wales or Scotland. Regarding Wales, the Welsh First Minister has commented and said he hopes that ‘non-essential’ will be able to open up again, later next month in June on the 19th. Regarding Northern Ireland, the […]

Twitter adds the ability to schedule tweets on the web

Twitter has added the ability to schedule tweets from the web version of the platform, on today. This feature might come to its iOS and Android at some stage, but for now it is live on the web. Within the compose window, a new calendar icon has appeared from there you can go on the schedule the Tweet in the future. Without this addition, if you needed to schedule a […]

Disney is partnering with NTT Docomo to launch Disney+ in Japan next month

Disney is planning on launching Disney+ in Japan starting in June, as part of an exclusive deal with local mobile phone provider, NTT Docomo. Disney launched a similar service in Japan last year, called Disney Deluxe and this is being phased out in preference to Disney+. Current customers of Disney Deluxe will get automatically upgraded to Disney+ on the 11th June for no extra cost. “In APAC, Disney+ has successfully […]

The MOT extension for car and vans could see extra demand later in the year

Back in March the MOT deadline for cars and vehicles in the UK were automatically extended by six months if they were due to expire on or after the 30th March, so long as the vehicles were kept in a safe and roadworthy condition. According to a Freedom of Information from MoneySuperMarket it is now apparent that over 3 million cars and vans on UK roads have had MOT deadlines […]