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New UK car registrations were up by 3,177% in April

The past 12 months for new car sales in the UK have been hard, with low sales non essential shops needing to close. April 2020 saw 4,321 cars in the UK but thankfully now a year later, things have increased. Last month, 141,483 new cars were registers, marking an increase of 3,177%. In a report from SMMT, it details what fuel type of cars were sold too, interestingly new diesel […]

Samsung no longer supports the Galaxy S8

Samsung is no longer officially supporting the Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets, both were released a little over four years ago, back in April 2017. Samsung no longer lists both phones as supported in its regular security updates, meaning current owners could be at risk from any future security holes that open up on the version of Android they run. Four years for an Android phone is pretty good, not […]

Citroën has made a cargo version of the Ami

Citroën has revealed a new commercial version of its latest Ami all electric, well kind of car. Technically the Ami is a quadricycle with two seats. Launched at the tails end of last year, the Ami is designed for young teenagers in France, where the law is a bit different to the UK as 14 year olds can drive this, up to a certain speed limit – without a full […]

Chevrolet Corvette C8 will go on sale this October in the UK, from £81,700

The new Chevrolet Corvette C8 stingray will be going on sale this year as planned. We reported last year that the latest mid-engined Corvette would come to the UK in 2021 and now Chevrolet has revealed prices too. The famous American supercar will come to the UK later this year in October, for the first time in right hand drive too. Priced from £81,700, it’ll come in coupé and convertible […]

Škoda announces brand new Fabia, going on sale next year

This week, Škoda launched the all new Fabia supermini which is now based on the Audi A1 Sportback, Seat Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo platform. The fourth generation car will be launching in the UK next year and cost from around £13,500, which undercuts the Polo by around £2,000. Despite being part of the VW Group for over twenty years, the Skoda has never made the Fabia use the same platform […]

Alfa Romeo takes the Giulietta hatchback off sale

This week, after eleven years Alfa Romeo has taken its Golf sized hatchback off of sale, the Giulietta. Launched back in 2010, the Giulietta was originally supposed to be removed from sale last year, as we reported but this was delayed, probably in some way related to the pandemic. Alfa Romeo has seen declining sales of the Giulietta lately, with 10,817 units across Europe last year, compare that to 26,632 […]

Ubiquiti UniFi USG vs USG Pro

Ubiquiti launched the USG line of UniFi firewalls quite a while ago, such that they have been kind of replaced with the new UDM line, but there are still some use cases for a single purpose device. With a UDM or UDM Pro, it is not possible to adopt them to a cloud hosted UniFi server or a Cloud Key. If the device needs to be replaced for any reason […]

Season 2 of ‘Trying’ on Apple TV+ is coming 14th May

TV show ‘Trying’ on Apple TV+ debuted this time last year with its first season which followed couple Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall) who embark on the journey of adopting a baby and the emotional challenges that can bring with it. The second season will debut on Friday 14th May on Apple TV+ with each of the eight episodes being available week after week, like a traditional broadcast television […]

Facebook is telling iOS 14.5 users to enable tracking, to keep its apps ‘free of charge’

Apple released iOS 14.5 last week and it added support for App Tracking Transparency, a set of rules for app developers Apple has instigated after much delay as it was supposed to launch with iOS 14 back in September. App Tracking Transparency gives control back to the users on whether or not apps can collect information about you and then use it to track you on other apps and even […]

Ubiquiti launches new cover for the G3 Instant UniFi Protect camera

Today, alongside the new UNVR-Pro and UniFi Protect Smart Floodlight, Ubiquiti has launched a new skin for the popular wireless camera it offers, the G3 Instant. For $10 each, it comes in light grey, dark grey and grey to help make the bright white camera blend in easier in its environment. Ubiquiti is offering the UniFi G3 Instant Cover on its official store, marked as “coming soon” for now. Update […]