Here at A&T Tech, we provide daily posts about the latest from the tech world – we love creating high quality content for the people interested in tech, all while making it more accessible for people who want short snippets of what is going on. Our small team produces informative articles about the latest gadgets from the biggest companies as well as our ‘Tech Basics’ guides and daily deals.

What do we do?

We publish the latest news about technology, cars, electric cars and more as well as the occasional review about a TV show. We also send out regular newsletters, with a sum up about the best news of the week or that day. Every weekend, we put out a piece we call “Weekends with A&T Tech – Best stories of the week” – this takes 5 of the best stories of that week and gives a sum up and if you do want to read more, you can.


Monday – Saturday: News and Daily Deals

Sunday – Weekends with A&T Tech – Best stories of the week – Read the archive here



May 2013 – A&T Tech was launched as ‘Alex and Tom’s Tech Advice and News’ as a Facebook only blog, with no website presence at all. All blog posts were published to Facebook only, in their entirety and were mainly structured to be easy to read with one or two paragraphs and ‘glanceable’.

The early days logo from May 2013

September 2013 – Alex and Ed Gaming was launched by parent company, KDL Media – this new site focused on gaming news, tips and mainly – gaming videos.


In early 2014, the blog rebranded as Alex and Tom’s Tech and a new WIX based website was launched. At this time the site was making no money. All articles were published from then on to the new site.

2015 – 2016

The website as it is now was released. At this time the site was still operating as Alex and Tom’s Tech


Past articles from the early days were added to the new WordPress based site and the blog was rebranded again, as A&T Tech and while the Alex and Tom’s Tech brand is still around (our URL etc) the A&T Tech name will be more commonly seen.

April 2017 – A&T Tech debuts HTTPS support. Learn more here


April 2018 – Alex and Ed Gaming was shuttered. All back catalog of news was migrated to the A&T Tech website under the gaming tab. Gaming videos still live on, via the YouTube channel.


December 2020 – We decided to remove KDL Media and A&T Tech from Facebook completely in order to make a stand for privacy. Learn more here.

Our Social Accounts

We left Facebook and Instagram in December 2020, but we have plenty going on online for you to follow.


A&T Tech – The main company account, all news posts are shared here

A&T Tech Live – Live tweeting from Apple Events

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KDL Media – A&T Tech parent company


A&T Tech – The main company account, all news posts are shared here.

The Team

Alex Lowe

Alex started the website back in May 2013 as a small project to help close friends understand the latest Apple news as well as offer handy guides for gadgets. The first incarnation operated solely as a Facebook page. Around two years later, in 2015 the website as it stands now was launched.

Alex also started KDL Media and Publishing to form a publishing company to manage A&T Tech and at the time, the newer Alex and Ed Gaming site and gaming channel.

You can find his work here

Josie Pollard

Josie is a regular contributor for A&T Tech and specialises in Android news and is an avid fan of OnePlus phones. Josie joined the site in March 2020.

You can find her work here

Alex and Tom’s Tech (A&T Tech) is published in the United Kingdom by KDL Media and Publishing.