Alex and Tom’s Tech (A&T Tech) Provides daily posts about the latest from the tech world, we love creating high quality content for people interested in tech and making it more accessible for people who want short snippets of what is going on in the tech world. Our small team produces informative articles about the latest gadgets from the biggest companies, how to guides and what deals we have found online.

The Team

Alex Lowe

Alex started the website back in May 2013 as a small project to help close friends understand the latest Apple news as well as offer handy guides for gadgets. The first incarnation operated solely as a Facebook page. Around two years later, in 2015 the website as it stands now was launched.

Alex also started KDL Media and Publishing to form a publishing company to manage A&T Tech and the newer Alex and Ed Gaming site.

You can find Alex on Twitter, at @alexlowe30

Alex and Tom’s Tech (A&T Tech) is published in the United Kingdom by KDL Media and Publishing.