Amazon Fire TV now has over 30 million active users

This week, at CES 2019 Amazon has revealed that the Amazon Fire TV platform now has over 30 million active users worldwide, which now puts Amazon in the lead when it comes to streaming devices. The total figure is likely to include all the models in the Fire TV family, i.e Fire TV Stick, Fire TV and the Fire TV Cube. As of writing, it is unclear if it does includes […]

The Grand Tour is back for Season 3 later this month

The Grand Tour will be back in a matter of weeks now, for the third season of the Amazon Prime show. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May left the BBC back in 2015 and were picked up buy Amazon a few months after the incident. The Grand Tour was launched at the end of 2016 with the first season. Cut to the chase What is it? – The brand […]

Apple Music is coming to Amazon Echo later this month

Apple Music, since it’s launch hasn’t really been available on third party devices, apart from Android. It has long been an ‘Apple only’ service, which makes sense as Apple doesn’t typically make money off services, it is the hardware which brings in the money but this week Amazon and Apple both announced that Apple Music will be coming to the range of Echo devices later this month. The announcement took […]

Amazon Go stores are soon coming to Chicago and San Francisco

For those who didn’t know, Amazon has been running a small local supermarket for the best part of 6 months, back in January the online retail company opened its first ‘Amazon Go’ store in Seattle near its HQ, but the main appeal was that the store has now cashiers and no tills. Instead you scan your phone on the way in, put your phone away and then proceed to pick up […]

HPs new all-in-one PCs have Alexa built in

This week, HP have announced a new Envy all-in-one PC which includes Amazon’s AI assistant, Alexa built right in. The new PC has a curved 34-inch display and this is actually the very first all-in-one machine with Alex built in. What does this PC come with? By the sounds of it, this new PC will actually have two virtual assistants built in, Alexa of course and then Cortana too which […]

Amazon now has over 100 million Prime members

Late last week, it was revealed that Amazon had hit the 100 million subscriber mark for its Prime service, the news came from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a recent shareholder letter. According to Amazon, more members across the globe signed up to Prime in 2017 alone, compared to any previous year. As of writing, Amazon Prime is available in more than fifty cities worldwide, in nine counties. Also, Prime […]

Amazon Echo is now being sold in India

This week, Amazon has finally made its range of Echo speakers available in India for the first time. Customers will now be able to buy the Echo (now the smaller model), the Echo Plus and the Echo Dot. The Echo Tap is not available for some reason. Amazon has also updated the language support and has added English, tailored for the Indian market. As of writing Hindi is not supported. […]