The Grand Tour Season 2 Episode 7 is now available to stream

This week, the seven episode of the The Grand Tour has been made available for streaming on Amazon Prime. Read below about the latest episode from Amazon: It’s a gas, gas, gas: In this episode Richard Hammond and James May work out that the average motorist loses 36 days of their lives filling up with fuel and vow to do something about itusing their skill and ingenuity to invent a system for […]

Amazon Echo to go on sale in Australia and New Zealand next month

Starting in February, Amazon will start offering the Amazon Echo product line as well as Amazon Music Unlimited to its customers who live in Australia and New Zealand. This original news first came out around the end of 2017, that Amazon would be planning to expand the Echo and its music streaming service to 28 more countries. Just today, Amazon revealed that starting on February 1st – customers in Australia […]

The Grand Tour Episode 5 airs today

This week, the fifth episode of the Amazon Prime Video hit The Grand Tour has dropped and is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime. This week, the boys review the new VW UP GTI, crash tank through a building and crash a rally spec Subaru Impreza. Fire, shouting and crashes. The boys at their best. Trailer is below. Trailer

Amazon Echo can now stream Spotify to multiple rooms

Starting today, users who use Spotify and the Amazon can now stream music to multiple rooms, thanks to Amazon adding in support for multiform audio a few months back. Since its introduction multi-room audio has only worked with Amazon’s own music service, Amazon Music Unlimited. So as of today, multi-room audio on the Amazon Echo works with Spotify and SiriusXM. Spotify on multiple speakers will only work in the US, […]

BBC launches Alexa skill for live radio

This week the BBC has launched their second Alexa skill for the Amazon Echo, the current one they offer simply gives news snippets and flash news. The new skill offers support for all BBC Radio stations and BBC Podcasts. Radio and podcasts The new skill for Alexa can play any BBC radio station, over the internet which would make the rise of internet radio much easier to access as you […]

Google is blocking YouTube on the Amazon Echo Show and Fire TV

In the last few months, Amazon and Google have been butting heads on the integration of YouTube on Amazon’s devices, specifically on the Echo Show and Fire TV. As of writing, Google has now actually pulled support for YouTube on both the Echo Show and all the Fire TV devices. The main feud is mainly over Amazon not selling some of Google’s own hardware products, such as Chromecast and the […]

Sonos One updated to now support voice control of Spotify with Alexa

With the Sonos One, this is the company’s first move into the smart speaker game and while it has already been released and shipped out to customers, Sonos has already released some updates to further improve the capabilities. The new speaker supports Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant out of the box and now Alexa can directly control the playback of Spotify. This feature was originally planned to be implemented by the […]

The Grand Tour Season 2 is launching December 8

Last year the old Top Gear trio debuted their new show, The Grand Tour which definitely was a familiar format, but due to some restrictions from the BBC it did need to be different enough. Amazon signed up the new show for Amazon Prime Video and the company took a big risk and it paid off indeed. This time around, the second season will start slightly later in the year compared […]