App updates

Shazam introduces some impressive new features!

Shazam, the popular apps that finds the ID of any song simply by listening to a sample of a song, has added some impressive new features! Shazam is a mobile app that allows the user to capture 20 seconds of any song, no matter if it’s intro, verse, or chorus, and will create a fingerprint for the recorded sample. The app will then look this hash tag up in it’s massive […]

Shazam background listening is now on Android

Shazam has long had a very useful feature on the iPhone version of it’s app for a long while now and for some reason it never offered the feature to Android users of Shazam. For two and half years now the iPhone version of Shazam has always had a auto listening feature which makes finding out what that song is just a little easier and now after many requests Shazam […]

Netflix now supports picture-in-picture on iPad

With iOS 9, Apple seriously improved the desirability of the iPad – by adding new side by side apps, new keyboard controls and picture-in-picture mode for watching a video continuously throughout the whole operating system, now Netflix is supporting the feature on compatible iPad models. The update was released today and works on any iPad running iOS 9.3.2. Netflix is by no means the first developer to have this feature, they […]

PayPal discontinues app for Windows Phone and BlackBerry

Earlier this year in February, PayPal updated it’s mobile app to a new version 6.0, however the company is giving out an odd message now, it is saying that come the end of June users on Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Amazon Fire devices who use PayPal will find that on June 30 the app will be discontinued. Joanna Lambet, PayPal VP explained the reasoning in a blog post earlier this […]

Android TV remote app now out on iOS

Google has certainly dabbled with the TV experience in the last few years, first it was Google TV – which was a huge flop and that was quickly abandoned, then in 2012 Google brought out the Nexus Q which only lasted a matter of weeks after it was introduced at the Google Developers conference that year, one because it cost $299 and it didn’t do that much. Following that in 2013, […]

Twitter for Mac finally updated, new dark theme, messages and more

Back in October we found out that Twitter was working on a brand new version of the app for the Mac, something which has been a few years in waiting. The update is free and is a complete overhaul with a brand new design which beings it inline with the iPhone version as well as a dark theme, which matches the dark theme on OS X. “Twitter for Mac is […]

Google Translate updated for iPad Split View

Google’s translator app has now been updated to support the new Split View multitasking view on iOS 9 which works with the iPad Air 2, the brand new iPad mini 4 and the iPad Pro. This addition will be very useful for people doing translation work on a document for a foreign person or doing that french homework on your iPad. This also allows for copy and paste between Google […]

YouTube for iOS gains new Material Design

YouTube has been testing a new refresh design for the iOS app to nicely coincide with the material design look for Android. The new app features three main sections to access videos to watch or your account. In the screen shots below, you see the before and after. Google has been testing the redesign on random users since earlier this year but this week the app now has the Material […]

Google‬ Drive now has ‪Touch ID‬ on ‪iOS‬ as well as ‪iPhone‬ 6 support

Last week, Google released a updated version of the Google Drive app for iPhone and iPad users, it adds the usual support for the larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as some new handy features. Google Drive, like Dropbox and OneDrive can now be locked with the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the new iPad Air […]