Author: Alex Lowe

Vine has officially shut it’s doors – app now Vine Camera

As promised, Vine has officially closed the video sharing service down. The original app has been updated and replaced with a black icon and changed name. The app is now reborn as Vine Camera and it allows you to record six second videos, edit them and then share them on Twitter. Vine Camera also allows you to save drafts, make multiple loops and more. Last month, Twitter let users know that […]

This is what the original iPhone interface could have looked like

The original iPhone, when it was launched back in 2007 wasn’t a massive hit, but with the second and third generation Apple’s new smartphone was selling in big numbers and was a huge hit with critics, once the App Store was added. But back went the iPhone was being developed, it went through so many internal prototypes and variations – like all electronic products do. But what we never saw […]

Ford is planning a hybrid Mustang and new SUV

Ford hasn’t had much to do with electric cars in the last few years, there was an electric version of the Focus a few years ago that was sold only the US and within the cars offered in the UK, no electric cars are offered at all. But in the US Ford is offering six different electric cars, adding up to 69,883 sales in 2016. That all changes, Ford CEO […]

Apple Watch mini store at Selfridges shuts down

When the first Apple Watch was launched back in 2015, the marketing Apple did was immense. Everywhere you looked for a few months the Apple Watch was everywhere, on magazine covers and also in London, Selfridges had an exclusive area within the store for the Apple Watch alone. Located on the first left in the huge Wonder Room – which is a 19,000 square foot hall dedicated to jewellery and […]

Samsung will reveal details of the exploding Note 7 this month

In the late part of last year, Samsung were in quite a bit of trouble with the Galaxy Note 7. Prelude Samsung launched the phone back in August – just in time to beat the Apple to the iPhone 7 announcement, which happened in the first few weeks in September, unfortunately just shortly after the Note 7 being shipped, reports began appearing of the phone catching fire or even exploding whilst charging. Most […]

WeChat now has over 768 million active users

You may not have heard of WeChat, but the messaging app is one of the most popular social media platforms in China. It’s popularity is huge – with over 768 million daily active users now using it. This information comes in a report from Tencent, a Chinese firm who specialise in media and mobile phone investments. They found that around half of all WeChat users spend around 90 minutes per day […]

Latest ThinkPads from Lenovo won’t come with bloatware

One of the major downsides of buying a Windows PC is the unwanted software and apps, or bloatware as it’s more commonly referred to. Microsoft left this usual trend with the Surface 2-in-1 devices, being manufactured by the same company that makes Windows there is no need to add weird software to the operating systems. Lenovo is planning on launching a range of new ThinkPads near the time that CES is […]

Periscope launches 360º live videos

Twitter, who owns the live streaming app Periscope has added the ability to live stream 360 videos to the service. The new feature has launched now, although it is still being tested with a “small group of partners.” It works as expected, just like 360º on Facebook Live, when using smartphone or tablet, you can simply move around the room to see the angels of the video, on desktop you […]

New Game Mode coming to Windows 10 soon

News from Alex and Ed Gaming Windows as a platform has long been the go to choice for gamers and with Windows 10 Microsoft seriously focused on new features and improvements for our target market, gamers. Although some people have complained that while the new features of Windows 10 are really good, some performance has taken a hit, to combat this Microsoft is adding a “Game Mode” to Windows 10. […]

Snow lands in GTA Online as well as new DLCs

News from Alex and Ed Gaming It’s that time of year again, when snow falls on GTA Online. The annual snow fall came a few hours ago and Rockstar have hinted to it to be around until sometime on Monday 26th December. Snow in GTA means that you can have snowball fights with your friends online, simply click left on the D pad to hold up to nine snowballs at […]