Author: Alex Lowe

Toyota drops the Land Cruiser from sale in India

Earlier in January, the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser was pulled from sale in India due to upcoming emissions changes in the country. Both the LC200 and Prado were discontinued and they are relatively old models now with out of technology, so Toyota decided to drop the 4×4 from sale rather than reengineer them to meet the new BS6 emissions. The LC200 was not designed to meet emissions standards, it had […]

Instagram does want to make an iPad app, but “we only have so many people”

Instagram users have been asking and begging Instagram to make a version of the app for the iPad for the past, nearly ten years. Instagram is also, one of the most downloaded App Store apps ever. Parent company Facebook has an iPad version of Facebook, Pages, Messenger and the Ad manager and WhatsApp might be coming to iPad at some stage. Instagram has still not budged on offering an iPad […]

Ubiquiti UniFi Protect Product Line Guide 2020

Slightly confused by Ubiquiti’s UniFi CCTV product line? You’re not alone, here’s our full guide to the 2020 product line, and which devices are best for you. Also if you are interested in UniFi Networking, check out our buyers guide from the end of 2019. What is UniFi Protect? UniFi Protect is Ubiquiti’s latest version of its video and CCTV recording platform, the company has been producing CCTV hardware and […]

Dacia will have a Renault-based, all-electric car in the next two years

Romanian car company Dacia is famed for making really inexpensive but good quality cars here in the UK, its parent company Renault supplies parts from older models to drive the price down but until now the company has not had an electric car or any hybrid for that matter. Whereas Renault has launched EV models with the now famous Zoe and Twizzy as well as multiple electric van models, which […]

Volkswagen will be shutting down coal power stations at Wolfsburg to reduce CO2

Volkswagen AG has announced that two coal powered power stations at the main Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg are in the process of being shut down to help the company reduce its CO2 emissions. The news has come from current CEO Herbert Diess, who said: “I have already declined offers from several interested parties who wanted to buy our old Wolfsburg coal plants and rebuild them elsewhere in the world.” Getting rid […]

Weekends with A&T Tech – Best stories of the week

Another week has gone by and it’s time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on A&T Tech. In the news this week, MWC 2020 has been cancelled, Aston Martin launched a new roadster version of the Vantage, Volkswagen has finally put the new e-up! on sale, the NHS has around 500,000 machines still running Windows 7 and Top Gear will be moving from BBC Two to […]

OnePlus 8 could launch this spring

The next generation of OnePlus phones could launch in the next few months, based on some recent speculation and rumours. The last phone the company launched was the current OnePlus 7T, which was back in late 2019, prior to that was the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, which were only a few months before that. But this news is just speculation at this stage, but be sure to stay tuned […]

Nest will require two-factor authentication this spring

Smart home security is a hot topic at the moment, what with Ring having had some accounts comprised partly due to users reusing passwords from other accounts, not having two-factor authentication enabled and also contractors having had access to video feeds. Google’s Nest is planning on boosting its users security later this year by requiring that all new and existing users to enable two-factor authentication, but not SMS based as […]

Strava for iOS now allows Apple Watch workouts to be imported

Yesterday Strava has released a much needed update to its iOS and Apple Watch app which allows syncing between Apple’s own workouts app on the Apple Watch and the Strava app. Strava have achieved this by improving its HealthKit integration. This addition is really useful if you want to use Apple’s workout app on the Watch and not Strava’s own app, but do want to use the social benefits and […]

Deal: Ring Video Doorbell 2 now has 34% off on

Today on, the Amazon owned company Ring has a good deal for the Video Doorbell 2 which has over thirty percent off today, down from £179 to £119. Obviously being an Amazon owned company it works with Alexa but not HomeKit at this time. The standard version connects over 2.4GHz WiFi only and is battery powered, but can be used with existing wiring from your doorbell.