Photobucket ransom causes chaos across the internet!

Thousands of images promoting items sold on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy amongst other shopping sites have been removed after the photo-sharing third party service provided by Photobucket changed its terms and services. Not only has this caused issues on the shopping e-commerce sites, but it has caused social media outrage on sites like Facebook and Twitter as they find that many forums and blogs have all the images replaced with what […]

BBC iPlayer app now available for Apple TV

The new Apple TV is great, I can confirm that but one thing that is missing is the addition of the UK’s biggest on demand service, BBC iPlayer. When Apple’s new set-top box was announced back in September alongside the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro, the BBC said that they had “no plans” to release an app for the Apple TV, but after some developers managed to whip up and […]

BBC Three will go online only in February

This week, the BBC has confirmed the inevitable. BBC Three will be moving to the status of online only at the end of February next year, removing the channel entirely from the standard TV, the channel has been a proving ground in recent years for new and fresh comedies, Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education along with others made their debut on the channel. In terms of the current line of shows that air daily, […]

BBC Three will become an BBC iPlayer exclusive

Today the BBC announced that BBC Three will become an BBC iPlayer exclusive to aid cutting costs. The cut comes as the BBC tries to meet its cost-saving targets of £100 million, however this isn’t a definite decision and can still be changed. The BBC Trust has to approve the move before it becomes official. Jack Whitehall, Russel Cane and other comedians took to Twitter to express their concern for the removal of […]