Aston Martin

Aston Martin is planning on cutting 500 jobs as it moves to cut costs

Aston Martin is planning on making 500 people redundant soon, due to an effort to cut costs and increase the profitability for the company. Aston Martin currently has 2,600 employees. The company provided a statement which went along the lines of, it needs a reset and sports car production will be reduced to meet current demand. The company is looking to cut its operating costs by around £10 million and its […]

Aston Martin CEO – Andy Palmer has stepped down today

Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer has stepped down from the company today after five and a half years at the company. Palmer joined as CEO in October 2014 and came from various management roles at Nissan. Palmer has seen the company though it’s ‘Second Century Plan’ which brought the second generation V8 Vantage, DB11, DBS and the new DBX SUV, the first SUV from Aston Martin. The company also opened […]

Aston Martin has resumed production at its factory in Wales

When car factories shut their doors all over the UK and Europe in March, it was unclear as when they would reopen again, but we are now starting to see the slow ramp up again, so far Lamborghini has started production again while in Sunderland, Nissan has extended its closure until June. The more recent news is from Aston Martin, who has a factory in St Athan, Wales and it […]

Aston Martin has launched a new convertible version of the Vantage

Aston Martin’s new Vantage was launched a few years ago now, but has only been available in a coupé version till now. Yesterday, the new roadster version was announced and shares a lot of the comments from the coupé and Aston says, it has the same ““strong dynamic ability and sporting character with no compromise to feel or refinement” – which is hard to get right when the roof of a […]

Aston Martin has reportedly canceled plans for the Rapide E

Aston Martin has been promising and promising us an all electric version of the Rapide saloon car, which was and still is the company’s only four door model. The Rapide E has been on the cards since as early as 2015, with the original plan to make 155 of them for an undisclosed price. This week, car magazine Autocar has been told from a source close to Aston Martin that the Rapide […]

Aston Martin and Airbus have launched a helicopter

Aston Martin and Airbus have got together to create Aston Martin’s first helicopter, which considering the car company’s past of a motorbike, speedboat and also a concorde inspired DBS – the helicopter fits in pretty well. Aston haven’t gone out and made a brand new helicopter here, the ‘ACH130 Aston Martin Edition’ is a repainted and re-trimmed Airbus ACH130 helicopter, which isn’t a bad thing. Also, the bodywork and interior […]

Aston Martin introduces an exclusive Concorde Edition of the DBS Superleggera

To celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Concorde taking off for the first time – Aston Martin has announced a special, limited edition of the DBS Superleggera which has a few tweaks and special details over the regular car. The car is made in association with British Airways. Aston Martin’s in house Q division has created the special edition, of which only 10 are being made. Only one Aston […]

Aston Martin is taking on Tesla, with a planned 800bhp electric Rapide

Tesla can’t just reap the benefits from high-end, fast electric cars now can it – what about some healthy competition? That is exactly what we are getting in the form of Aston Martin, the UK based sports car firm is now planning on taking on Tesla with an 800bhp electric version of the Rapide, which will have four wheel drive and a 200 mil range. This model will be initially competing […]