Bentley will be stopping car production in the UK for one month, joining JLR

Today, Bentley has announced that it will be stopping production of any new cars in its factory in Crewe and is shutting down the factory for one month with plans to reopen again on the 20th April. This news joins a similar announcement from Jaguar Land Rover today, where it plans to temporarily shut down its factories in Castle Bromwich, Halewood and Solihull. Bentley’s factory produces around 11,000 cars a […]

Bentley won’t launch a full electric car until 2025 at the earliest

According to Adrian Hallmark, the boss of Bentley – the company’s future is all about electric cars but that reality won’t greet us until the mid 2020s, with 2025 being the earliest unfortunately as the company doesn’t want to just make an electric version of an existing car, as this can compromise range and any efficiencies – instead, like its parent company VW has done with the ID.3, it wants […]

This is a 53 billion pixel image of a Bentley

In a recent promotional stunt and technical exercise by Bentley, the car company created this 53 gigapixel (53 billion pixels) image of the new Bentley Mulsanne, but this looks like just an image of the Golden Gate bridge but if you zoom in far enough you can actually see the car, driver and the stitching on the passenger seat. To create this image, Bentley teamed up with Nasa to use […]