Electric Cars

Tesla Model 3 is now on sale in Mexico

The Tesla Model 3 has been on sale since last year and in the past few weeks, the company finally launched the base price $35,000 Model 3 for the USA. Now, according to a report from CNET last week the Model 3 is now on sale in Mexico. Model 3 A simple check on the Tesla website for Mexico reveals this is true. Prices converted, this means that the car […]

Tesla’s updated app keeps you informed of service and repair status

For Tesla owners who have their car getting a service, or being repaired this updater to the mobile app is pretty convenient. This week, the company announced that some changes would be coming to the service centre experience, mainly the turn around speed with most of the service they can do will be Tesla coming to you. “We will be increasing our investment in the Tesla service system, with the […]

Tesla has now started delivering the Model 3 outside of the US

The Tesla Model 3 was announced over two years ago now, back in March 2016 and as we write this, the company is still facing some production issues with the latest model. But in the past couple of months, Elon Musk has made a big difference with attempting to get the production back on track, and it is showing. This week, Tesla has finally delivered the first Model 3 outside […]

Mercedes will be launching a fully electric Sprinter van

In the past week, Mercedes has unveiled the next generation of its Sprinter panel van for 2018. All the changes for the new model are listed below, it mostly includes a new design, more safety features and new engines. But the big star of the show is the upcoming fully electric version which is expected to launch in 2019. New refreshed model The new model, which was announced little over […]

Tesla releases Model 3 firmware update, adds an FM radio

This week, Tesla released a new firmware update for the Model 3 which has added a few features to the car, a few of which are surprising additions, as they should be standard features – but Tesla was probably more focused on getting the car right from the start, as any extras they can simply add later on with software updates over the air. New features As mentioned above, this […]

VW has invested €34 billion in electric cars and autonomous technology

Last week, the Volkswagen Group annnocued that it has started its new “five year investment plan” for the future development of electric cars. The €34 billion investment is for the new research and development of autonomous vehicles as well as new electric and hybrid models. “We are reinventing the car, we are, however, doing so without sidelining existing technologies and vehicle projects, since this is how we will earn our […]

Tesla launches new ‘Chill’ driving mode for its cars

Tesla cars have always had long standing fame for being fast off the line, with Ludicrous mode which enables the Model S and Model X to accelerate in record times, the Model S P100D even has the crown for the fastest ever production car from 0-60MPH, in just 2.5 seconds. Chill But some people apparently aren’t buying Teslas for the performance and crazy acceleration numbers, but instead more for helping […]

Shell is deploying electric car chargers at its stations in the UK

Shell is gearing up to what is next with its next venture, Shell Recharge. This new service is focusing on adding electric car charging stations to its current forecourts. Shell Recharge is currently offered in three locations as of writing, one in Holloway, in London and also in Derby and Whyteleafe, which are both in Surrey. Shell has stated that an additional seven locations, some in London and Reading will […]

Tesla plans to add more Superchargers in larger cities

Tesla is starting a new major expansion of its famed Supercharger network, used exclusively by Tesla’s own cars. The company is about to start deploying new charging points around the United Stares, starting with Chicago and Boston, both of which will open next Monday This new growth is especially important as new Tesla customers will be getting their hands on the Model 3 in the next coming months, as production […]

Volvo commits to an all electric line up by 2019

For a while now, Tesla has really been the only major car manufacturer producing high quality electric vehicles, with notable leading features, such as the ever popular Autopilot, impressive 0-60 times and large touch screen to control everything on the cars. Well, that may soon change with the recent announcement from Volvo and its plans for the future. Tesla As mentioned above, Tesla is currently dominating the electric car market, […]