Electric Cars

BMW i8 will stop being manufactured this April, company focusing more on all electric cars

BMW has been manufacturing the i8 hybrid for over 5 years now, from when the car launched in the US in 2014. This week, BMW announced that production for the car would be ending in April due to the company focusing on more bespoke electric cars, just like Volkswagen is. The BMW i8 was launched as a two seater plug in hybrid as a rival to the Porsche 911 and […]

The Hummer may come back as an electric pickup

GMs Hummer brand made its last truck in May 2010 and the company was made defunct on the same day due to the electric crisis of 2008. But Hummer could be back, but this time as an all electric pickup truck to rival the Tesla Cyber Truck and upcoming Rivian models. According to the Wall Street Journal GM is looking to bring the Hummer brand back sometime in 2022 under […]

Tesla is offering cash prizes for hacking a Model 3, at Pwn2Own in March

Having cars on the internet and ‘always on’ does mean that they are more vulnerable in theory to being hacked, attacked or compromised in some way. And having a car that you or your family is sat in, travel in is a huge security issue and safety issue. Tesla is taking this very seriously and is taking part in the Pwn2Own once again in Vancouver. The Pwn2Own event takes place […]

Aston Martin has reportedly canceled plans for the Rapide E

Aston Martin has been promising and promising us an all electric version of the Rapide saloon car, which was and still is the company’s only four door model. The Rapide E has been on the cards since as early as 2015, with the original plan to make 155 of them for an undisclosed price. This week, car magazine Autocar has been told from a source close to Aston Martin that the Rapide […]

Tesla Model Y is now up for order in China

Tesla has now made the new Model Y small SUV available for pre-order in China, which has a starting price of 444,000 yuan with an estimated production time of 2021. The base model, ‘Long Range’ which is rear-wheel drive only starts at 444,000 yuan which is around £48,000 / $63,000 in the UK and US. So far on the UK Tesla website there isn’t even any pricing information for the […]

Alexa voice control is coming soon to Rivian and Lamborghini vehicles

Most cars from Mercedes, Volkswagen and others have their own system built in for grabbing the attention of a voice assistant to do certain things in the car, in Mercedes cars for example you have ‘Hey Mercedes” and in the latest Mk8 VW Golf you now have “Hey Volkswagen” which lets you use your voice to turn the heating up and all sorts of various commands. But what Rivian and […]

Bentley won’t launch a full electric car until 2025 at the earliest

According to Adrian Hallmark, the boss of Bentley – the company’s future is all about electric cars but that reality won’t greet us until the mid 2020s, with 2025 being the earliest unfortunately as the company doesn’t want to just make an electric version of an existing car, as this can compromise range and any efficiencies – instead, like its parent company VW has done with the ID.3, it wants […]

Tesla’s car shipments increased by 50 percent in 2019

Tesla had a big year last year, it started selling the Model 3 here in the United Kingdom, Mexico and South Korea – the Tesla Model Y, which is a smaller SUV than the Model X was revealed and right at the end of the year, the Cyber Truck was unveiled, which caused a big stir on social media. And also Tesla started delivering the first Model 3 cars to customers which […]

Volkswagen and Tesco partner up to provide electric charging across the UK

Volkswagen, Tesco and Pod Point are all teaming up to provide more electric car chargers while you’re out shopping. By the end of next year, all three companies are aiming to have 400 Tesco stores populated with convenient charging stations – which will be installed by Point Point. So far, there are 100 stores which have charging stations installed. The chargers are and will be available across the UK and […]

VW aims to produce 1.5 million electric vehicles by 2025

Volkswagen has been battling with the aftermath of ‘dieselgate’ for nearly five years now and since that has been dealt with, the company and most of the VW Group have been focusing on the future, which is electric vehicles. Tesla has been leading the market for EVs in the US for a while now, since the Model 3 was launched. ID.3 Not to get left behind, Volkswagen unveiled the first […]