Electric Cars

Tesla has eight new Service Centres marked as “Coming soon” in the UK

Tesla currently has nine service centres here in the UK, which up until the popularity increase of the Model 3 lately has probably been enough to sustain the current level of Tesla owners here. However, Tesla is looking to nearly double that with eight new service centres marked as “coming soon” at various locations around the country. Tesla currently has service centres in the following locations – Birmingham – Bristol […]

Tesla Model 3 now has wireless phone charging as standard

The Tesla Model 3 was actually announced quite a while ago now, just over four years ago Elon Musk unveiled the car in 2016 and since July 2017 it has been in production. During that time Tesla has made enormous advancements with the software, as usual but Tesla hasn’t made many external and physical changes to the Model 3 until now, as a reader from Electrek has said that new […]

Volkswagen ID.3 deliveries are starting in September

The new all-electric ID.3 from Volkswagen is nearly ready to go on sale, back in May Volkswagen said it was “on track” to start sales in July, this remains true and just this week, AutoExpress was one of the first car magazines to review it. Starting on the 17th June, VW will start taking deposits and then in September the first deliveries will start. First out the gate is the […]

Fiat has revealed the pricing for the 500e hatchback

Fiat has relaunched and reinvented the iconic Fiat 500 city car as an all electric car, with no combustion versions going to be available. Fiat has already announced the convertible version as well as the pricing back in March, but now the hatchback version has now been revealed. The convertible version costs from £29,000 and the hatchback is from £26,995, after the government grant. Both cars have a 42kWh battery […]

AutoExpress one of the first to review the new VW ID.3

The new Volkswagen ID.3 is due to launch very soon, here in the UK it will be going on sale later this month, with final purchase sign offs starting in July and then in September, the first deliveries will start. Renown car magazine, AutoExpress is one of the first publications to review the new all-electric hatch. They mentioned its braking system “feels far more natural than in competitors” and that […]

Germany is looking at requiring electric car charging at every fuel station in the country

Electric cars and vehicles are an important part in society to get the world to reduce its dependancy on damaging fossil fuels and ultimately reduce the amount of CO2 that gets produced. One of the main reasons people steer clear from electric cars is the the range and the availability of public chargers. Germany is looking at requiring every fuel station in the country have electric car chargers, which is […]

Jay Leno will have Elon Musk on his show this week, driving the Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla announced the Cybertruck pickup truck last year in November to a very mixed audience and reception. But that didn’t seem to stop 250,000 people pre-ordering the truck within the first few days. This week on Jay Leno’s Garage Elon Musk makes an appearance and Jay drives Elon around in the upcoming Cybertruck, albeit a prototype as the truck is not expected to be on sale until 2021. Elon did reveal in […]

Volkswagen announces new ABT all electric Transporter

This week, Volkswagen announced the new all electric e-Transporter, but it isn’t the all conquering all electric panel van you’d expect it to be. The e-Transporter wasn’t fully developed by Volkswagen, like the e-Crafter was – instead Volkswagen has partnered with ABT to create the e-Transporter. It only has a range of 82 miles which means it’ll be most useful in cites as delivery vans. The e-Transporter is based on […]