Electric Cars

Apple Maps is now listing electric car chargers in the UK

Apple Maps is still a bit of ways behind Google Maps in terms of the amount of information it holds about businesses and also cycling information, but Apple is always improving the accuracy of it’s mapping software and also what points of interest it can show. Electric Cars As a lot of the automotive industry is turning towards electric vehicles, with Tesla leading the charge (pun not intended) – Apple […]

BMW i3 receives update, new bigger 94Ah battery and more range

BMW’s smaller electric car has had it’s fair amount of attention of the few years it’s been on sale and for good reasons. The BMW i3 may be expensive but it’s high quality and now with this weeks update it has a solid range that can at least compete with Tesla on some level. For 2016 BMW has given the i3 a update, adding a new larger battery which nearly […]

Tesla Model 3 launched, starts at $35,000

Earlier this week Tesla announced it’s smallest and most affordable model yet, the Model 3 and the whole company and Elon Musk is betting on that this will be in the right price range to be appealing to a lot more people and betting on the amount of pre-orders that it already has, it’s certain that this new model is definitely popular. As of a few days ago, Tesla had […]

Tesla Model X price revealed, starts at $80,000

Not too long ago, Tesla unveiled the the Model X, the company’s first crossover – it’s basically a big, seven seater cross over with gull-wing style doors. When it was announced we had no clue on what the price would be, shortly after many people assumed that the price would be in the £100,000 range but as it turns out the Model X will start at $80,000/£53,112 and for that you […]

Tesla’s autopilot saves Uber driver from crash

The Tesla autopilot is undeniably impressive, but while the company doesn’t recommend people use it ands then just fall asleep, just use the system on motorways and highways – but the system does also kick in when needed in certain circumstances, such as this driver for Uber who has a Tesla Model S. The driver, Jon Hall was driving one rainy evening when a car pulled out in front, without autopilot he […]

Aston Martin is taking on Tesla, with a planned 800bhp electric Rapide

Tesla can’t just reap the benefits from high-end, fast electric cars now can it – what about some healthy competition? That is exactly what we are getting in the form of Aston Martin, the UK based sports car firm is now planning on taking on Tesla with an 800bhp electric version of the Rapide, which will have four wheel drive and a 200 mil range. This model will be initially competing […]