Fiat Panda and 500 have new mild hybrid options

Today, Fiat has introduced two new electrified versions of the existing 500 and Panda city cars and while this isn’t Fiats first electric vehicle as the Fiat 500e was introduced to the US market back in 2013 and hasn’t been updated since, it is at least some good steps towards the brands electrification plans. Both cars are going to launch in a few months time, the 500 in February and […]

Amazon and Fiat team up to allow cars to be bought online

For a long time, the internet has made finding out about cars very easy and also back in August, Amazon launched ‘Amazon Vehicles’ – an online community to learn more about cars. Now Fiat and Amazon have teamed together to sell the Fiat 500 online, offering discounts of up to 33 percent on the value of the car at retail, however you will need to visit your dealer to finalise […]