Jaguar and Land Rover will be offering CarPlay in 2019

Jaguar Land Rover is set to be soon offering support for Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto very soon with its new 2019 model range, and then the new models which come afterwards. CarPlay, or iOS in the Car as it was first known as back in 2014 has been slowly rolling out to new cars with new manufacturers and also some older car models being added all the time […]

Jaguar Land Rover is testing 100 autonomous cars

With autonomous driving, Jaguar isn’t late to the game as such, in the last year or so Ford, Mercedes and of course Tesla has been experimenting with self and autonomous driving technology each with varying results. Now Jaguar Land Rover is ramping up it’s development of semi-autonomous cars. Earlier today the company announced that it has plans to use around 100 cars in total to research and develop it’s technology quickly. […]

Jaguar Land Rover has sold half a million cars in one year

Jaguar has come a long way in the last ten years, back when Ford owned the company in the early 90s they were churning out old and used platforms and renaming under the Jaguar brand, this didn’t really work as the quality wasn’t there enough to justify the price that Jaguars were. Then in 2008 Ford sold the whole brand to Tata, an Indian car company that has helped bring […]