Jaguar Land Rover lost £422 million in the last financial year

In the last financial year, Jaguar Land Rover lost £422 million, with the last period ending on the 31st March. Up until the pandemic, JLR had started to recover from previous financial issues and started to turn a profit as sales were up too. Like all other car companies, JLR has been hit badly by the current coronavirus pandemic which has resulted in a drop in demand. Between January and […]

Jaguar Land Rover’s plant in Castle Bromwich will stay closed until August

Jaguar Land Rover’s factory in Castle Bromwich is now going to remain closed until August this year – according to a report from Sky News. JLR’s other plants in Solihull already reopened in April so Castle Bromwich will be the last major JLR factory to reopen again. Castle Bromwich makes the Jaguar XE, the XF and the new F-Type. JLR has 2,000 employees who work for the company from this […]

Jaguar Land Rover is said to be looking for £1 billion in support from the government

First reported by Sky News over the weekend, it is understood that Jaguar Land Rover is looking for a loan from the government as a temporary bail out, to keep it a float. JLR is said to have submitted a request to the government for a loan of over £1 billion. Some reports have speculated the loan could be as high as £2 billion. However, a spokesperson from JLR has said this […]

Jaguar Land Rover is aiming to start production again next month

Back at the end of March, Jaguar Land Rover announced that it would have to close its three factories here in the UK due to the coronavirus and the need for social distancing and less vital companies is less important. Jaguar Land Rover has a number of factories here in the UK, Castle Bromwich, Halewood and Solihull and today the company announced that its hoping to open the Solihull plant […]

Jaguar Land Rover is lending 160 cars to the NHS and the British Red Cross

To help the NHS and also the British Red Cross provide supplies, food and physical help for those unfortunately affected by the ongoing coronavirus – Jaguar Land Rover is temporarily lending one hundred and sixty brand new vehicles for deployment world-wide. JLR has lent fifty-seven vehicles to the British Red Cross so far, which will be used here in the UK for food and medicine to be distributed to those […]

Jaguar Land Rover stops production in the UK for one month

So far this week, a few car companies who have factories here in the UK have stopped production temporarily, due to the ongoing outbreak and issues with coronavirus. This week, Nissan announced that its Sunderland factory would be closed for a while and now Jaguar Land Rover is the latest company to do the same. Jaguar Land Rover has a number of factories in the UK and production will stop […]

Due to battery shortages, Jaguar is halting I-Pace production

On Sunday last week, The Times reported that Jaguar has had to temporarily stop production of the electric I-Pace, due to battery shortages. Jaguar source batteries for the I-Pace from LG Chem, which are manufactured in Poland. Production of the I-Pace ended yesterday in Austria, where Jaguar contracts the production of the E-Pace and the I-Pace to Magna Steyer. The Verge spoke to Jaguar earlier this week who said – “Jaguar Land Rover has […]

NHS to lease 700 Jaguar I-Pace electric cars

The NHS is going to be starting to use electric cars for personal and business use, a new deal between the NHS and Jaguar Land Rover will see 700 new Jaguar I-Pace all electric SUVs to be leased on a three year plan with the Northumbria Healthcare’s NHS Fleet Solutions. The program is being funded by employees with a salary sacrifice. “Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust reached a deal with […]

Jaguar Land Rover has acquired Bowler

Bowler, who you may have heard of if you watched the old incarnation of Top Gear at all as a yellow Bowler actually appeared in the first season of the 2002 Top Gear series. Where Richard Hammond said “I am a driving god!” Anyway, back to Bowler who have long been a name in modifying mainly Land Rover Defenders, but they have tinkered with a few Range Rovers too. Bowler have been […]