BMW shuts down Mini plant in Cowley, Oxfordshire – for one month

Following in suit with other car companies here in the UK, BMW owned Mini has closed its factory in Cowley, Oxfordshire. The plant closed on Friday evening last week. This joins other car companies, Bentley and Jaguar Land Rover which both closed their factories on the 20th March for one month. Earlier this month, Nissan closed its Sunderland based factory for a while too. These closures are due to the […]

Mini launches new limited edition ‘Convertible Sidewalk’ starting at £34,215

Mini UK has announced a new version the Mini Convertible, called the ‘Sidewalk edition’ which Mini is saying is in time for Spring, which is “being awaited with great anticipation.” The new model is around £8,000 more than the standard Cooper S model, of which it is based on and is a limited run model with only a few coming to the UK. What’s different about it? The new model […]

Electric Mini Cooper SE is now open for pre-orders in the USA

The new electric Mini Cooper SE is now up for pre-orders in the US, following a launch earlier this year here in the UK. Mini UK launched the ‘MINI Electric’ back in July and has been up for pre-orders since. On Tuesday this week, the pre-orders opened up in the US. The new MINI Electric. Pre-order now with the Feel Good Guarantee. T&Cs apply. #FEELMINIELECTRIC — MINI UK (@MINIUK) […]