Ford releases first part of the new Focus RS story

The new Ford Focus is nearly upon us and to keep the excitement around the latest incarnation of the rally inspired hatchback, Ford have released the first episode detailing the story of how the Ford Focus RS has been developed. The web series will look at how the car was developed, including some help from Ken Block. Ford have tested the car in the deserts of Arizona and the cold […]

Nissan launches new Altima for 2016

Nissan seems to be coming out of the hole it has been in for a while when it comes to design, just recently the company has unveiled a new Murano which has quite an interesting design as well as an updated Altima. Images of all three cars after the break. The new Altima brings the new Nissan design closer together as well as being more sporty and faster. The last version […]

Auto Bild Report: BMW X3 also exceeds EU emissions regulations

The Volkswagen report regarding tailpipe emissions and false readings has only just settled, but a few days in and already the awareness is bringing other car manufacture into the light of the problem, including BMW. A new report from a German car blog Auto Bild has revealed that BMW is also exceeding Euro emissions like VW with the BMW X3 SUV. Auto Bild has also noted that the BMW stock went down by […]

Honda Civic 2016 will have CarPlay at launch

The latest iteration of the Honda Civic, which is due to launch this autumn will have an option for CarPlay at order, the car will sport a 7-inch screen with compatibility for CarPlay as well as Android Auto. CarPlay which was originally launched back in 2013 at WWDC and named iOS in the Car, picked up adoption with the first car with the Ferrari FF last year. Since then car manufactures […]

Aston Martin is taking on Tesla, with a planned 800bhp electric Rapide

Tesla can’t just reap the benefits from high-end, fast electric cars now can it – what about some healthy competition? That is exactly what we are getting in the form of Aston Martin, the UK based sports car firm is now planning on taking on Tesla with an 800bhp electric version of the Rapide, which will have four wheel drive and a 200 mil range. This model will be initially competing […]

BMW is now paying i3 owners to charge at non-peak times

Owners of the BMW i3 electric car will start being paid by BMW if they only charge it during non-peak times to help the overall usage of electricity be reduced. The BMW i3 can be charged at home or at places where it can be powered up quickly. This new trail is running from July 2015 to December 2016 within California. How does it work? BMW will have the ability to […]

Amazon Video bringing Top Gear back in 2016

Amazon have signed a deal with the former Top Gear team earlier this morning to bring the show to Amazon Instant Video in 2016. Earlier this year in March, Jeremy Clarkson was sacked from the BBC due to a fracas with the show’s producer and since then a large amount of speculation has been surrounding whether it will return. Clarkson said in statement: “I feel like I’ve climbed out of […]

Last Top Gear episode will air on June 28

  The two words Top Gear must have been mentioned so much over the past few months; the initial news go the fracas with the show’s producer back in March, the possibility of the show coming to Netflix and any other news in between. But now, the last episode of Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson will be shown on June 28th on BBC 2. The episode is to be a special episode, no […]

The new Audi R8 e-tron can drive it self

At CES Asia, Audi unveiled the latest Audi R8 e-tron, which is actually capable of driving itself. Obviously, the R8 e-tron is packed full of technology, sensors and cameras. To accumulate all the data from the various laster scanners, video cameras, ultrasonic sensors and radars Audi has developed their own “zFAS” system. The zFAS can read all of the data coming from the sensors and then calculate where the car […]

Top Gear may come to Netflix

Top Gear has been off air for a while now due to a disagreement with Jeremy Clarkson a few months back and the BBC has abandoned the show all together, but the trio may be in talks with other channels on to launching a new show on Netflix or ITV. A possible deal with Netflix may be in the works and the show may be called “House of Cars” – which […]