The Suzuki Jimny is saved! It’s coming back as a commercial vehicle

The plucky Suzuki Jimny was taken of sale in July due to its high CO2 emissions, and therefore it’s effects on Suzuki’s average CO2 level. The 1.5 litre petrol engine emits a fair amount, the current average limit for an entire fleet of vehicles from a car manufacturer is 95g/km and the Jimny outputs 154g/km. The automatic version kicks out 170g/km of CO2. However, undeterred Suzuki has found a loophole and […]

Suzuki will be dropping the Jimny from the UK market by 2021

We reported back in February that the current Suzuki Jimny may be dropped from sale before 2021, due to ongoing emissions regulations affecting the car. Now this week, Suzuki has confirmed that the Jimny will be dropped from the UK market before 2021 rolls around. The current generation hasn’t been around long, it was introduced in 2018 and it’s a really well done reincarnation of the original Jimny. But emissions […]

Suzuki New Zealand has made and is selling Jimny pick-ups

In Australia and New Zealand, the ute is a very popular vehicle to own – its basically a saloon car or a small 4×4 converted into a pickup with generally only two seats. Holden in Australia will be closed down next year, but currently it makes some interesting ute models, the Holden Commodore has a model which has a V8. Suzuki New Zealand has done something pretty interesting with the […]

Suzuki Jimny to stay on sale in the UK for this year in limited numbers

Several reports lately in the media have suggested that Suzuki is planning on removing the iconic 4×4, the Jimny from sale in the UK and Europe quite soon, but last week Suzuki responded to some of these claims saying that the car will remain on sale throughout 2020 due to the high emission levels of the Jimny. Suzuki has said the Jimny “will remain on sale in the UK in very […]