Tesla is going to phase out the Model S 75 this weekend

This weekend, more specifically this Sunday – Tesla is planning to reduce the current lineup of the Model S by removing the most affordable version they sell, the S 75. This news comes courtesy of Engadget, who reached out to Tesla today to confirm the news first reported by electric car blog, Electrek. This news isn’t new, this decision to slim down the Model 3 range was decided back in July, shortly […]

Tesla plans to add more Superchargers in larger cities

Tesla is starting a new major expansion of its famed Supercharger network, used exclusively by Tesla’s own cars. The company is about to start deploying new charging points around the United Stares, starting with Chicago and Boston, both of which will open next Monday This new growth is especially important as new Tesla customers will be getting their hands on the Model 3 in the next coming months, as production […]

First 30 Tesla Model 3s will be delivered July 28th

The Tesla Model 3, the company’s latest and upcoming model was announced in Spring last year by Elon Musk, it aims to offer the the Tesla experience at a much more affordable price. So expectations and hype for the new car have been outstanding, to say the least. Model 3 Tesla is expected to launch the new, less expensive Model 3 later this month on July 28th with the first 30 […]

New footage shows Tesla Model 3 driving in public

Tesla’s latest and upcoming model, the Model 3 is set to start mass production in a few months time, in July – however some of the finer details are still being ironed out, hence some later models being spotted out in the wild. The new, less expensive model isn’t a replacement for the Model S, just a more affordable addition to the Model S and Model X, the Model 3 starts […]

Tesla still ready to start building Model 3 this July

Tesla’s latest electric car, the Model 3 is scheduled to be on sale later this year – the company says it’s on time to commence building the final versions starting in July with the capacity to assemble up to 5,000 per week this year and 10,000 a week next year. This news was announced las week in the company’s Q1 earnings report. Branding issue With the Model 3, Tesla is facing some other issues […]

Tesla reduces base price of Model S

This week, Tesla has reduced the price of the base spec Model S and the Model X cars. For both models the 75 and 75D variants have had up to $5,000 knocked off the price, also the high end 90D version has seen a $2,000 reduction. This change only comes a weeks after the lower end 60 and 60D versions were discontinued, Tesla mentioned at the time that the cheaper models […]

Tesla is a more valuable car maker than GM

Everyday Tesla seems to be always in the news, the electric car giant is constantly distorting and shaking up how we view renewable power and it’s cars. Elon Musk’s company has been making strides in the tech and automotive industries in the past few years with the release of the more accessible Tesla Model 3 coming later this year and also the Model S 100D can outrun most hyper-cars to 60mph […]

Tesla promises to help sort out some of Australia’s power issues

Tesla reckons it can help fix the power issues that the South of Australia is currently experiencing, with constant power outages, blackouts and to top it off – enormous increases in prices. Late last week, Lyndon Rive who is the co-founder of Solar City and also the head of the energy division at Tesla spoke to the Australian magazine “Financial Review” about the issues in the south of the country and […]

Tesla Supercharger hoggers will be charged $0.40 per minute

For Tesla owners, one large issue has been cropping up recently. Tesla owners, in the US at least have been experiencing a growing issue with the Supercharging stations, while there are a growing number of them popping up all over the country and in Europe each station can get reasonably busy as quite a few people aren’t moving their cars once it is fully charged, this responsibility is with the owner. […]

Tesla has reported first quarterly profit in three years

For the first time in three years, electric car maker Tesla has reported it’s first profit – this is in direct comparison to last year which the company reported a loss of $230m. What has Tesla done differently? One major contributor is the amount of cars the company has shifted this quarter, something which has help make the manufacturing of the new Model 3 car easier on the company. In […]