New Tesla update leaks upcoming Model S and Model X changes

Software is unique, whenever a new update or OS is released whether it be for Tesla or Apple, engineers and developers will always reverse engineer it to figure out any hidden gems in the code as to what is coming soon. Before the iPhone X was launched at the end of 2017, people in the Apple community found references to it in other versions of software. Late last week, Tesla […]

Tesla is offering free supercharging in China, during coronavirus outbreak

Currently China is in the middle of a crisis, with the coronavirus outbreak claiming many lives and causing illness for many more, so to help the situation Tesla is making supercharging in the country free of charge for the foreseeable future until the outbreak is resolved. In a report from electric car blog Electrek we learnt that Tesla has notified all the Tesla users in China to let them know […]

Tesla is now worth $100 billion, more than Volkswagen

Tesla is now worth more than Volkswagen, which the company achieved this week. Tesla is now worth $100 billion, which is £76.1 billion. As of this week, Volkswagen is worth $89.6 billion and for comparison, Ford is only worth $36.3 billion. Tesla is now the first american car company to be worth $100 billion and as a result shares for the company have doubled since October 2019, which is now […]

Tesla is offering cash prizes for hacking a Model 3, at Pwn2Own in March

Having cars on the internet and ‘always on’ does mean that they are more vulnerable in theory to being hacked, attacked or compromised in some way. And having a car that you or your family is sat in, travel in is a huge security issue and safety issue. Tesla is taking this very seriously and is taking part in the Pwn2Own once again in Vancouver. The Pwn2Own event takes place […]

Tesla Model Y is now up for order in China

Tesla has now made the new Model Y small SUV available for pre-order in China, which has a starting price of 444,000 yuan with an estimated production time of 2021. The base model, ‘Long Range’ which is rear-wheel drive only starts at 444,000 yuan which is around £48,000 / $63,000 in the UK and US. So far on the UK Tesla website there isn’t even any pricing information for the […]

Tesla’s car shipments increased by 50 percent in 2019

Tesla had a big year last year, it started selling the Model 3 here in the United Kingdom, Mexico and South Korea – the Tesla Model Y, which is a smaller SUV than the Model X was revealed and right at the end of the year, the Cyber Truck was unveiled, which caused a big stir on social media. And also Tesla started delivering the first Model 3 cars to customers which […]

Disney+ will be on Teslas soon, according to Elon Musk

According to a tweet from Elon Musk from yesterday, Disney+ is coming to Tesla models as a streaming option sometime soon. @TeslaOwnersofMA on Twitter, tweeted Elon to ask whether or not Disney’s new streaming service could be added to Tesla models. At the moment, in ‘Theater Mode’ you can watch YouTube, Netflix and Hulu while the car is parked. Coming soon — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 26, 2019 Given the […]

Tesla may launch a 100kWh version of the Model 3, with Ludicrous Mode

Code expert Green on Twitter has found some references in Tesla’s software to a new high end model of the Tesla Model 3, specifically with a much larger battery pack, up to 100kWh which is the same as the £100,000+ Tesla Model P100D and 100D models. Now where it gets interesting is with the actual batetery packs. the 100kWh pack has survived the great "non-model3 stuff purge" mid year so […]

Tesla will start charging $10 per month for ‘premium connectivity’

Since 2012 when the first Model S was released, Tesla has offered free what they call ‘premium connectivity’ which is cellular connectivity – and for a long time it was offered for free when the car was purchased. Then, in 2014 Tesla announced that for four years, the cellular connectivity would be offered at no charge but for only four years. But that deadline came and nothing happened. Now, car […]

Tesla starts delivering Model 3 in South Korea

The Tesla Model 3 was launched back in 2016 and has since been one of the company’s most popular models, no part in thanks to the much lower price compared to the Model S and Model X. Last week, the Model 3 started delivering in South Korea and Tesla held a special event for the handovers. Difficulties in South Korea Until recently, Tesla has had a hard time selling its […]