Rockstar releases its own PC game launcher

Rockstar has followed suit with EA, Ubisoft and others by launching its own PC game launcher, providing an easier way to access all of your Rockstar games. It also enables cloud save for games as well as automatic updates. Also, if you install the game launcher soon you’ll be able to bag yourself a free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. You can download the game on Rockstars website […]

Minecraft now has 112 million players – a month

Minecraft is a huge platform and whilst it has been around for over 10 years now (it was introduced back in May 2009) it has become a massive game, and since Mojang launched the game, Microsoft has acquired Mojang and the overall game has changed quite a bit too. In an interview from Helen Chiang from Microsoft with Business Insider she explained that the game now has 112 million active […]

Sony is now allowing users to change PSN Online ID names

Sony is finally catching up with Microsoft on a feature which the Xbox has had for a number of years now, the ability to change your user ID for the PlayStation network. As of last week, Sony has now enabled the option for users to change their PSN Online ID. Your first change is free of charge, which is nice but any additional changes to your ID will cost $10 […]

Apple Arcade – World’s first gaming subscription service for mobile and desktop

Arcade Apple Arcade is a new gaming subscription service available on all Mac and iOS devices and will be released this fall / autumn. This gaming subscription service is unlike it’s competitors Microsoft, Google, Nvidia and Sony who use cloud streaming. Instead this new gaming service is exclusively for titles that can be installed from the iOS or Mac App Stores and used for offline gaming. Ann Thai (Senior Product […]

Forza Horizon 4 is now out on Xbox One and Windows 10

Earlier today, the full public release of Forza Horizon 4 was released for purchase for Xbox One and Windows 10 users, the Forza franchise has been to the old cobbled streets of Europe in Horizon 2 and the sandy outback of Australia with Horizon 3, but now the game is coming to the UK with Horizon 4 so players can experience sprawling Scottish Mountains, cotswold towns and tight fast lanes. […]

Fortnite will come to Android, but won’t be on Google Play

Fortnite is becoming ridiculously popular. And after expanding the games platform coverage earlier this year with expansion onto Apple’s iOS earlier in April, then to the Nintendo Switch in June – just Android was left to cover the major platforms on the market. But in bringing the game to Android, much like iOS they first need to go through Google Play and for any paid apps, extra subscriptions and in-app […]

New GTA V Online Smuggler’s Run lands 29th August

News from Alex and Ed Gaming Just in the last few days, Rockstar announced that Grand Theft Auto V Online would be receiving some new updates this week, with the addition of “Smuggler’s Run.” The new update follows character, Nervous Ron who is out on the look for someone to take over his smuggling efforts. New Aircraft The update also includes a whole host of new aircraft, which you can customise […]

Forza Motorsport 7 will support OneDrive music

News from Alex and Ed Gaming Music has always been an integral part of the Forza Motorsport franchise, back when Forza 5 was released – Microsoft was praised for the high quality and well placed orchestral music for when taking part in heated challenges in game. With the newly announced Forza Motorsport 7, Microsoft is adding in support for the user’s own music, this has already been experimented on with […]

Nintendo has now discontinued the NES Classic Edition

News from Alex and Ed Gaming The Nintendo NES Classic was a massive hit last Christmas, a lot of people did wait a long time to get hold of one for a number of months and also up to recently. But now Nintendo has killed off the the Classic Edition of the NES, the retro throwback console may be available on some websites still and eBay, but the company has […]

Super Mario Run will be on Android this week

Super Mario Run was announced along side the iPhone 7 last September, the Nintendo CEO presented the new game on stage and said it’ll be on iOS later in the year, which turned out to be 15th December. Since then the game has only been on iOS. Apple did bag the temporary exclusive, but Nintendo is now sticking to its promise and will launch the game on Android later the […]