PS4 Remote Play is available today

News from Alex and Ed Gaming Starting today, you will be able to remotely play your PlayStation 4 from your computer, while it is in the same local network. The big 3.50 update or PS4 brings this new feature so you can use your PC or Mac to stream 720p at 60fps and play any games using the DualShock controller. This isn’t the only thing that is coming in the […]

Microsoft cancels new ‘Fable Legends’ and shuts down studio

Back in December last year, we reported that Lionhead Studios were on track to release the brand new Fable Legends game this spring, but in the last couple of days Microsoft has announced that they are cancelling the release of the game and also completely shutting down the studio responsible for all the previous instalments. Fable Legendswas promised to be completely different from any of the previous titles, being a free to […]

Xbox One will have background music this summer

Some news on when we will be getting an update for the Xbox One to enable background music has emerged from Phil Spencer, the Xbox head when a fan asked hum when we will expect to see the feature added to the console, but unfortunately it wont be until the summer, so until then Groove Music or YouTube will have to be snapped to the side for the time being.

The PlayStation 4 will soon be able to play PlayStation 2 games

News from Alex and Ed Gaming Following in the footsteps of Xbox this year, Sony is finally adding backward compatibility for PS2 games on the new PS4 with games such as most of the older Star Wars games including Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars Racer: Revenge and Super Star Wars. All games will be run using an emulator built into the PS4 software. The original story came from WIRED who spoke […]

Xbox One wireless controller adaptor for Windows 10 now out

It’s been a long time coming, but Microsoft has finally released the wireless adaptor for the Xbox One controller which works with Windows 10. Earlier today Microsoft announced that the new accessory will be available for purchase today for $25/£25 in most stores around the world. There are also some other bundles which includes the controller and the adaptor for $80. The adaptor works with Windows 10 and is available to […]

New Xbox One bundle launches with Elite controller and hybrid drive

This week Microsoft announced another Xbox One bundle, but this one is a bit different. It is called the Elite Bundle and hence the name it comes with the brand new Elite controller. The controller was unveiled earlier this year at E3 and features new buttons and the ability to customise it. The new bundle will be available on the Microsoft Store in November for $499. This Xbox One is kind […]

GameFly can now be used on smart TVs

Game streaming services are a odd thing, Sony has dabbled with the idea by launching PlayStation Now but it hasn’t seemed to catch on. After launching on the Amazon Fire TV, GameFly is described as the “Netflix of Games” but it has various bundles instead of one flat fee – the games are ok with Batman: Arkham Origins and Dirt 3 to name a few. Now the service is available on Samsung smart TVs […]

New Darth Vader PS4 bundle launches

News from Alex and Ed Gaming With the new Star Wars film launching later this year – Sony has revealed at D23 that it will be launching two bundle editions of the PS4 later this year in November to celebrate the return of Star Wars by Disney. There are two bundles in total, both are are inspired by the film. One includes Darth Vader artwork covering it which is called Star Wars: Battlefront and the second […]

PlayStation Plus members will be able to vote what games will be free

For people who don’t know what PlayStation Plus is, it is a membership system for PlayStatin users, they can pay per moth for a free game a month. The system costs £4.49 per month and like Xbox Live is needed to use most of the console features; such as playing online, automatic upses and discounts. Now Sony is adding something extra for members, the ability to vote which games are […]

Fallout 4 won’t support mods

At E3 this year, we had a few surprises, but one of them was that the upcoming Fallout 4 would be supporting user mods on PC and Xbox One, but now we know that that won’t be happening at all. The reason behind this is, according to IGN that the tools to make the mods don’t actually exist. Bethesda Softworks’ has said that the team working on the game is currently focused on making the […]