Internet Fun

Australia advertises Apple Pay better than Apple!

Every time we use Apple Pay to buy anything from coffee at Starbucks, groceries or anything at stores it does feel cool and almost magic like although Apple doesn’t really convey this feeling when it shows it’s own ads, so Australia thought it would have a go. As banks are starting to do now to get the attention back to them, ANZ in Australia have come up with their own […]

This guy installed Windows 95 on his Apple Watch

People just like installing Windows 95 on every device that they can, but it really shows how far we have come in the last few decades with processing power and miniaturisation, it’s now possible to run Windows 95, sort of on the Apple Watch that shows how far we really have come, back in the 90s it would have required a bulky laptop or a huge desktop tower to do […]

Play Pac-Man on Google Maps today

News from Alex and Ed Gaming As it seems, just today you can play Pac-Man on your own street with Google Maps. Google has added a feature which enables this. Basically this is a Pac-Man overlay for Google Maps. You can try it out on Google Maps and click the button on the bottom left of the page. The whole game has the same design from the arcade classic.