New Windows 10 update might exceed some users data limits

When Windows 10 originally in July 2015, users on Windows 7 and Windows could get the update for free, which was generous on Microsoft’s part but the update was programmed to automatically download automatically, sending a lot of users hurtling over their broadband data caps. Microsoft naturally received a lot of complaints and now with the latest big update for Windows 10 around the corner, the company has said that the […]


Windows zero-day Flash exploited by the same group behind DNC hack

Evidence is mounting up that the Windows Kernel has a severe vulnerability that is already being exploited by hackers. Microsoft claims the bug is now being actively exploited by the Russian hacking group –  ‘Strontium’. BetaNews has explained that the group have also gone under various other names too – widely known as ‘Fancy Bear’. This is the same group previously cited as a ‘Russian state actor’, indicating some kind […]

Spotify reach over 30 Million subscribers!

Founder CEO Daniel Ek has revealed in a tweet that his Swedish  streaming music service ‘Spotify’ has now reached over 30 million paid  subscribers. In perspective that’s up 10 million as compared to June 2015, and 20 million more than in 2014!  This is the first subscriber update Spotify has given out since it announced it had 20 million subscribers days before Apple Music hit the market last June, and demonstrates that […]

Can The Successor Take The iThrone?

Like clockwork Apple has revealed the next model in its iPhone series the 6s and 6s Plus. With such an illustrious history the iPhone is one of the most popular handsets today boasting outstanding build quality and ease of use. The new offerings will bring a stronger design in the form of 7000 series aluminium, which enables the iPhone to be both thin and incredibly rigid. Also elevating the issues of last […]

Argos launches a store within a store, at Sainsbury’s

Argos have partnered with Sainsbury’s on their latest endeavour with new “digital stores” which are inside the place where you do your daily shop. The new digital stores plan was announced back in January, but this week we are starting to see the first batch of stores. The Argos digital stores have launched at Sainsbury’s in North Cheam, Nantwich, Surry and Cheshire. Each store will naturally be a lot smaller […]