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Apple launches Apple Music TV in Canada and the UK

Today, Apple has launched its Apple Music TV service outside of the US for the first time, with a launch in the UK and Canada starting today. The service launched in the US last year in October and offers a constant stream of music videos, live videos that runs 24 hours a day within the Music app on iOS and the Apple TV app. Some of the Apple Music 1 […]

Chipolo announces new device tracker, that works with Apple’s Find My network

Earlier this week, Apple announced the Find My network, which will allow third party accessories such as bikes, headphones and device trackers to use the wide network of iOS devices Apple has in the wild. The first device tracker, which is similar to the much rumoured AirTags from Apple, is from a company called Chipolo. Chipolo has other trackers on the market which have their own app but this week, […]

Renault announce all new Kangoo van with ‘pillarless’ side door

In the last few weeks, Renault has announced the all new Kangoo small panel van, which will be available in petrol and diesel and as well as a fully electric version, sitting under the ZE brand. Renault will put the new van on sale here in the UK this summer. The new Kangoo also features a new ‘pillarless’ sliding door, which Renault is calling ‘Open Sesame’. ‘Open Sesame’ as pictured […]

Apple announces the new Find My network

Today, Apple has announced the new Find My network, which will allow third party accessories, which are part of the new program appear in the Find My app on iOS, iPadOS and macOS. Apple has been much rumoured to launch their own so called AirTags for the past 2-3 years and this still might happen but the announcement today seems to lay some potential ground work for such a device. […]

Ford stops selling its home electric car charger

A few days ago, Ford stopped selling its at home electric charger, which was launched for the Mustang Mach E electric SUV. Ford spoke to The Verge about the decision and its due to some of them not working correctly, where the box would stop working all together. Ford has decided to stop selling the charger until it can work out what is wrong. Ford has said that there are not […]

Google I/O is coming back in May as a virtual event

Google I/O was canceled last year instead of going ahead virtually, due to the obvious COVID-19 pandemic. Other tech companies, such as Apple hosted their events virtually and it was safe to say, Apple’s WWDC in 2020 was very well received, with little time to prepare and the the event they produced was high quality. Now for 2021, Google I/O is returning next month and it’ll be virtual. Google CEO […]

Ubiquiti launches new UniFi LTE Pro failover device

Recently, Ubiquiti has launched the new U-LTE-Pro for the European and British market which follows on from the US only U-LTE. The U-LTE failover looks very similar to the Pro model, but has some different operational and design differences between this new model. When the standard U-LTE was launched, it is only tied to AT&T in the US and the prices per month and the prices per GB make it […]

Samsung’s factories in US, Europe and China are now powered by 100% renewable energy

Following in Apple’s footsteps, Samsung has now become powered by 100% renewable energy for all of its factories in the US, Europe and in China. Unlike Apple it is unsure if all of Samsung’s operations are fully renewable such as its retail stores and offices but it is good to see the company making the right steps. It isn’t just its factories which are now 100% renewably powered, it’s packaging […]

Toyota announces new GR 86, replaces GT86

Today, Toyota has announced the all new GR 86 coupe, which is replacing the outgoing GT86 for the company’s mid range, two door, four seater sports coupe. The GR 86 is sitting below the GR Supra in the line up. Straight away, Toyota has made some much needed improvements. The general consensus was that the old GT 86 was underpowered, with 197bhp and 151lb ft torque. So Toyota has improved […]

YouTube will be hiding the dislike count from some videos

YouTube will be planning on removing the dislike counter on the bottom of YouTube videos in the near future, as the company begins testing new interface designs. YouTube has shared a concept of that the new interface could look like, which simply removes the number of dislikes a video has, while the thumbs down button still remains – only YouTube creators will be able to see the amount of dislikes […]