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YouTube will be hiding the dislike count from some videos

YouTube will be planning on removing the dislike counter on the bottom of YouTube videos in the near future, as the company begins testing new interface designs. YouTube has shared a concept of that the new interface could look like, which simply removes the number of dislikes a video has, while the thumbs down button still remains – only YouTube creators will be able to see the amount of dislikes […]

Weekends with A&T Tech – Best stories of the week

Another week has gone by and its time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on A&T Tech. Apple announces dates for WWDC 2021 This week, Apple announced the dates for this years WWDC event, which once again will be virtual. The event is taking place between 7th and 11th June, with the Keynote taking place on the first day. Read more Ubiquiti launches the Enterprise 24 […]

All Apple Stores in France closed again due to third lockdown

This week, Apple has announced that all of its retail stores in France have had to close due to increased restrictions in the country which came into effect this week. All 20 Apple Stores in France have closed as the country is in a third lockdown from a recent spike in cases of coronavirus. This is roughly the same time as last year that, at the beginning of the pandemic […]

BMW reduces price of i3 in the UK so it can qualify for electric car grant

This week, BMW has reduced the price of the BMW i3 all electric car in the UK, due to how the government has recently changed the plug-in car grant (PiCG). At the beginning of this month, BMW actually raised the price of the i3 by £3665, bringing the price up to £39,690. However, on the 18th March the UK government changed the scheme, reducing the contribution in provides from £3,000 […]

Ubiquiti launches new Aggregation Pro UniFi Switch

Today, Ubiquiti has launched a new Pro version of its existing UniFi Aggregation switch, with a huge number of ports and capacity. For starters, the Aggregation Pro has 32 ports in total, with 28 10G SFP+ ports and 4 25G SFP28 ports. It also has the 1.3-inch touchscreen we have seen on Ubiquiti’s latest switch models and Gen2 switches, as well as the UDM-Pro. This builds upon the existing, smaller […]

Ubiquiti launches the Enterprise 24 PoE UniFi Switch, with 2.5GB ports

Today, Ubiquiti has launched its first UniFi Switch in the Enterprise product line within UniFi, sitting above Pro it is a layer 3 PoE switch and part of what makes it enterprise is the port speed as this is the first UniFi Switch to have 2.5GbE PoE ports, which Ubiquiti says will link “to your Wi-Fi 6 APs”. Ubiquiti currently has two 802.11ax UniFi APs, with the UniFI 6 LR […]

Verizon is shutting down its 3G network in the US next year

Verizon announced today that by the end of 2022, it is planning on completely shutting down its 3G network in the US. This plan has been in the works for a while now, but has ben pushed back multiple times. Verizon say that less than one percent of its customers use the 3G network it provides and it’ll be working with those customers to help them transition to 4G and […]

Apple announces dates for WWDC 2021

Today Apple has announced the details for WWDC 2021, which as usual is taking place in June and for the second year running, the event is fully virtual like last year. This is now the 32nd WWDC Apple has hosted and due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Apple has chosen to make the event online only, which means the $1,599 attendance fee for developers is not required. The event is […]

Ubiquiti UniFi UDM vs UDM-Pro

Ubiquiti launched the UniFi Dream Machine and Dream Machine Pro around a year ago, with the UDM-Pro being launched in February 2020. Both devices take the modular approach that Ubiquiti has with UniFi and condenses a few products into one simpler to use and in some cases, less expensive but that can come with some added complication. The UDM combines a Cloud Key controller, USG gateway, 4 port ethernet switch […]

Tesla now has over 600 sites in UK and EU for Supercharging

In the last few days, Tesla has crossed the mark for the amount of Supercharging locations it has in Europe for Tesla customers to charge up their cars. The company now has over 600 locations in the UK and the rest of Europe, equating to 6039 individual chargers. Tesla has achieved this in just eight years, which is impressive – with the first Supercharger in Europe in Norway back in […]