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WeChat now has over 768 million active users

You may not have heard of WeChat, but the messaging app is one of the most popular social media platforms in China. It’s popularity is huge – with over 768 million daily active users now using it. This information comes in a report from Tencent, a Chinese firm who specialise in media and mobile phone investments. They found that around half of all WeChat users spend around 90 minutes per day […]

Latest ThinkPads from Lenovo won’t come with bloatware

One of the major downsides of buying a Windows PC is the unwanted software and apps, or bloatware as it’s more commonly referred to. Microsoft left this usual trend with the Surface 2-in-1 devices, being manufactured by the same company that makes Windows there is no need to add weird software to the operating systems. Lenovo is planning on launching a range of new ThinkPads near the time that CES is […]

Periscope launches 360º live videos

Twitter, who owns the live streaming app Periscope has added the ability to live stream 360 videos to the service. The new feature has launched now, although it is still being tested with a “small group of partners.” It works as expected, just like 360º on Facebook Live, when using smartphone or tablet, you can simply move around the room to see the angels of the video, on desktop you […]

New Game Mode coming to Windows 10 soon

News from Alex and Ed Gaming Windows as a platform has long been the go to choice for gamers and with Windows 10 Microsoft seriously focused on new features and improvements for our target market, gamers. Although some people have complained that while the new features of Windows 10 are really good, some performance has taken a hit, to combat this Microsoft is adding a “Game Mode” to Windows 10. […]

Snow lands in GTA Online as well as new DLCs

News from Alex and Ed Gaming It’s that time of year again, when snow falls on GTA Online. The annual snow fall came a few hours ago and Rockstar have hinted to it to be around until sometime on Monday 26th December. Snow in GTA means that you can have snowball fights with your friends online, simply click left on the D pad to hold up to nine snowballs at […]

Apple is now offering refurbished Apple Watches

This week Apple has added some new products to its refurbished store, firstly the Apple Watch is making an appearance since the device was first in on sale from last year. Both Series 1 and Series 2 are listed in the two 38mm and 42mm configurations. Most finishes are being offered, apart from the Edition. The aluminium versions start at $229, which is $40 off and Stainless Steel versions start $469, […]

What is DHCP?

In our latest ‘What is?’ article, we’re going to explore exactly what DHCP is and what a major role it plays in how our devices connect to wireless and wired networks. In our last What is? article we covered what DNS is and how that affects how the internet is routed behind the scenes. What is DHCP? DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is one of the main protocols of networking, […]

Apple’s AirPods have started shipping

After what feels like six months, Apple has started to ship the awaited wireless earbuds, AirPods. After being unveiled back in September alongside the new iPhone 7 and also new Beats products, wireless was a major talking point in the event as the iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack. Why were AirPods delayed? When AirPods were unveiled, Apple originally said that they would go on sale in late October, […]

Tesla Supercharger hoggers will be charged $0.40 per minute

For Tesla owners, one large issue has been cropping up recently. Tesla owners, in the US at least have been experiencing a growing issue with the Supercharging stations, while there are a growing number of them popping up all over the country and in Europe each station can get reasonably busy as quite a few people aren’t moving their cars once it is fully charged, this responsibility is with the owner. […]

iOS 10.2 now out, new emoji, wallpapers and widgets!

Apple’s spent much longer testing the latest version of iOS 10, which is a good sign as we have had a number of issues with larger iOS updates as of late – hopefully iOS 10.2 aims to rectify this and judging by the release notes Apple has fixed a fair amount of bugs. Not all bug fixes It’s not just Apple fixes the nigiling issues in iOS 10 – this latest […]