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Twitter for the Mac is back, thanks to ‘Project Catalyst’ on macOS 10.15

Back in June, at WWDC 2019 Apple announced on stage that with the release of macOS Catalina, Twitter for the Mac would be back, thanks to its new framework designed, ‘Project Catalyst’. Catalyst is designed to make it easier for developers to make apps and games for the Mac platform and Twitter have unitised this and brought back its app. Twitter tweeted out back in June with this news also: […]

Twitter is limiting how many users you can follow per day, to help reduce spamming

  Every social media platform has issues with spam, but Twitter has announced this week that they helping to combat the effects of spam on its platform. This week, Twitter has reduced the amount of accounts you can follow per day. It used to be 1,000 and it is now dropped to 400. Twitter says that this should reduce the amount of spam and abuse that happens currently. Follow, unfollow, […]

With version 7.3, Twitter stops supporting iOS 9

Yesterday, the official iOS app for Twitter was updated to version 7.3 and amongst the usual bug fixes and feature improvements, support for iOS 9 was removed. Granted, not many devices are running a software version that old anymore, most of them can now run iOS 10 or later. iOS 9 If you haven’t updated and have a device that can, we highly encourage you to do so, as in […]

The recent Snapchat redesign caused the company’s first drop in daily active users

Snapchat rolled out a controversial major redesign to its mobile app in November last year, as a result 1.2 million people signed a petition asking for the app design to be ‘put back.’ As a result it did cause the company to see a drop in daily active users, the first decrease since Snapchat was launched back in 2011. This Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal reported that in the first quarter of this […]

Twitter is ending support for its apps on Roku, Android TV and Xbox

Twitter seems to be struggling to keep apps alive lately. In the past couple of months, the macOS app for Twitter was pulled and now today the company is ending support for the clients which run on Xbox, Android TV and Roku. Going forward the company is suggesting to use the main website, to get the best experience of Twitter. However, unlike the macOS version of Twitter which just […]

Instagram has now dropped support for its Apple Watch app

They are dropping like flies, but a common trend lately is that larger companies are pulling support for their native Apple Watch apps. A year or so ago Amazon dropped support for its app on the wearable, as did Google for Google Maps and now Facebook has pulled support for the official Instagram app, which was one of the original apps to launch along side the original Apple Watch in […]

Facebook is 14 today, here’s the history

Today in 2018, Facebook is absolutely huge. Facebook today is a complete reversal of what Facebook was like 14 years ago when Mark Zuckerberg started the original idea from his dorm room at Harvard University. Now today is February 4th, the fourteenth anniversary of when the first version was available so to mark the special occasion, we’ll now offer a brief history on how this platform came to be and […]

Instagram now shows when you were last active

This week, Instagram unveiled a new feature to its app, which did cause a little bit of a stir online. The direct messaging section of the app now supports the ability to see when last people were online or active on Instagram. For those concerned, this can be turned off in the settings app. But it is on by default. Instagram now can see who is active 💀 — […]

WhatsApp no longer supported on Windows Phone and BlackBerry

WhatApp, the hugely popular messaging platform which is owned by Facebook, has now dropped support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone, as of New Years Eve last year the two platforms will no longer work with WhatsApp. The news came from an FAQ page on the WhatsApp website, which mainly explains what platforms are currently supported, which ones aren’t and the reasoning behind dropping support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone. “These […]