Facebook launches dedicated Messenger app for PC and Mac

Just in time for when everyone is working from home, but not quite just in time as now Zoom has taken over but Facebook has launched a dedicated app for Windows and macOS for Messenger, so you can now use the chat and video functionality of the Messenger platform, without having to use the web version. “Today we’re launching a Messenger app for MacOS and Windows so you can video […]

Facebook is sixteen today

Facebook is 16 today, way back in 2004 on the 4th February Mark Zuckerberg launched the very first version of what is known today as ‘Facebook’ but at that time it was named ‘thefacebook’. We covered the history of Facebook back in 2018 when the website turned fourteen, but its worth lookign how huge the company has now become, today in 2019 Facebook runs and owns Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus […]

Facebook is 14 today, here’s the history

Today in 2018, Facebook is absolutely huge. Facebook today is a complete reversal of what Facebook was like 14 years ago when Mark Zuckerberg started the original idea from his dorm room at Harvard University. Now today is February 4th, the fourteenth anniversary of when the first version was available so to mark the special occasion, we’ll now offer a brief history on how this platform came to be and […]

Silicon Valley €2.4 Billion row between European Anti-Trust Officials and Google

Google have been fined a whopping $2.7 billion dollars, setting a new world record for the largest penalty against any Tech company to date. The multinational technology company have been charged by European Anti-Trust officials for favouring their own services against their competitors. The cooperate giant finds itself having to defend itself after been accused of “unfairly dominating the market place” with its advertising products. It is nothing new for a […]

Facebook nearly has 2 billion users

Even though the general consensus is that quite a few millennials are leaving Facebook, the latest user and active users figures from the company are contradicting this idea. The widespread thought that some younger users were using Facebook less as there was a fear of it being too embarrassing with grandparents and parents adopting the social media platform. This week Facebook has released new user figures for users and revenue. 2017 […]

Facebook Live is now easier to find in search

Facebook originally unveiled it’s live video streaming feature a few months back and at the time only celebrities could use it but only just recently, Facebook added support for everyone to use Live videos and now as there is so many people streaming online now, the social media company has added in a new search feature, well more adjusting the existing system to better accommodate Live video, making it easier to […]

Poll: What do you think of the new Facebook Reactions?

Last week Facebook launched the new Reactions in addition to the long run ‘Like” button which the social media company is famous for, so far users have had mixed reactions to the new options. But what do you think? Let us know in the snazzy form below.   [pollcaster widget=”poll” id=”IRwUJMjVhBrQwAyUTcx0UZKwa3k” width=”100%” height=”auto”]

Facebook Messenger now has over 800 million users

Facebook Messenger is company’s almost separate service, because as of late the service is technically like a separate service as it doesn’t require a Facebook login anymore, only your phone number. But now the team has announced that Facebook Messenger now has over 800 million users actively using the service, back in June 2015 Messenger had around 700 million users. Facebook Messenger really is acting like a separate service, with […]