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Photobucket ransom causes chaos across the internet!

Thousands of images promoting items sold on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy amongst other shopping sites have been removed after the photo-sharing third party service provided by Photobucket changed its terms and services. Not only has this caused issues on the shopping e-commerce sites, but it has caused social media outrage on sites like Facebook and Twitter as they find that many forums and blogs have all the images replaced with what […]

Silicon Valley €2.4 Billion row between European Anti-Trust Officials and Google

Google have been fined a whopping $2.7 billion dollars, setting a new world record for the largest penalty against any Tech company to date. The multinational technology company have been charged by European Anti-Trust officials for favouring their own services against their competitors. The cooperate giant finds itself having to defend itself after been accused of “unfairly dominating the market place” with its advertising products. It is nothing new for a […]

Facebook nearly has 2 billion users

Even though the general consensus is that quite a few millennials are leaving Facebook, the latest user and active users figures from the company are contradicting this idea. The widespread thought that some younger users were using Facebook less as there was a fear of it being too embarrassing with grandparents and parents adopting the social media platform. This week Facebook has released new user figures for users and revenue. 2017 […]

UPDATE – Yes, WhatsApp is down

It isn’t just you, WhatsApp does seem to be down for a lot of users. People are reporting they can’t send or receive chats and it just shows “Connecting”. As there is no “fix” for this, symptoms lead to an issue with WhatsApp servers. UPDATE: WhatsApp came back up around 22:30 Wednesday evening, a statement from the company was issue shortly after service was restored. “Earlier today, WhatsApp users in all […]

Instagram now has 700 million users, 100m new users in 4 months

Instagram is on a success high recently, just in the last few weeks it was reported that Instagram’s Stories feature had become more popular than Snapchat it self, which is now a direct competitor. Stories now has 200m users everyday, compared to Snap’s 158m daily users. According to latest stats. As of today, Instagram announced that it now has 700 million active users, 100 million of which have joined in […]

LinkedIn now has half a billion users

This week, LinkedIn the business oriented social media network announced that they now have 500 million active members worldwide with 23 million members in the UK alone. LinkedIn has also said that 47% of it’s users are using the service too look for a new job and 19% of users have secured a job while using LinkedIn. “A professional community of this size has never existed until now, so we […]

Instagram for Android can work with no internet connection

Instagram has long required a constant internet connection to even function, some devices do cache a limited amount of recently view photos which you can browse when offline, but any likes or actions you take won’t get saved. Facebook introduced Facebook Lite around two years ago, which is designed mainly for the emerging markets where 4G and faster internet connections aren’t so widely available and also for lower end Android One […]

Snapchat is now selling Spectacles online, in the US

Snapchat’s infamous recording spectacles can now be purchased online, for $130. For a while the only way that people good get hold of them was via the Snapbot vending machines which travelled the US offering the glasses for sale and even though the glasses will be on sale online, the Snapbots will still tour the country.     What do the glasses do? So Snapchat, well ‘Snap’ as the company […]

Vine has officially shut it’s doors – app now Vine Camera

As promised, Vine has officially closed the video sharing service down. The original app has been updated and replaced with a black icon and changed name. The app is now reborn as Vine Camera and it allows you to record six second videos, edit them and then share them on Twitter. Vine Camera also allows you to save drafts, make multiple loops and more. Last month, Twitter let users know that […]

WeChat now has over 768 million active users

You may not have heard of WeChat, but the messaging app is one of the most popular social media platforms in China. It’s popularity is huge – with over 768 million daily active users now using it. This information comes in a report from Tencent, a Chinese firm who specialise in media and mobile phone investments. They found that around half of all WeChat users spend around 90 minutes per day […]