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Periscope launches 360º live videos

Twitter, who owns the live streaming app Periscope has added the ability to live stream 360 videos to the service. The new feature has launched now, although it is still being tested with a “small group of partners.” It works as expected, just like 360º on Facebook Live, when using smartphone or tablet, you can simply move around the room to see the angels of the video, on desktop you […]

WhatsApp will stop supporting older phones at the end of the year

Millions of people use WhatsApp, in fact nearly a billion people are using the ever popular service to communicate for work and with friends. But now the company has revealed that by the end of 2016, a number of older handsets won’t be able to run WhatsApp. Any phone that’s running iOS 6 or earlier, Android 2.3 Gingerbread or earlier and Windows Phone 7 or earlier won’t be able to […]

Instagram now has over 500 million users

The popularity of the social media giant Instagram has been growing rapidly ever since it’s inception and also after Facebook acquired the company too. Also in the past Instagram has never shared how many active users it actually has but now due to the circumstances and the milestone that they have achieved, the company has revealed today that it now has over 500 million users signed up and just 300 […]

Twitter has invested $70 million in SoundCloud

Twitter has dabbled with the music industry in a few ways, the company’s own Twitter Music service was shut down a few years back because no one knew it existed but now Twitter is back and has invested $70 million in SoundCloud, bringing the value of the audio service to $700 million. The actual deal was made public, but the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey didnt actually divulge the actual amount […]

Facebook Live is now easier to find in search

Facebook originally unveiled it’s live video streaming feature a few months back and at the time only celebrities could use it but only just recently, Facebook added support for everyone to use Live videos and now as there is so many people streaming online now, the social media company has added in a new search feature, well more adjusting the existing system to better accommodate Live video, making it easier to […]

Skype for Web now supports making phone calls

For a long time, Skype has traditionally been a proprietary desktop app so users on Chromebooks couldnt use the service, instead reverting to Google’s own Hangouts service or another web based system. But the new Skype for Web service is web only and has slowly been adding features and now users can call mobile and landline phones using it, without a plugin all using HTML5. The site now has a a […]

Poll: What do you think of the new Facebook Reactions?

Last week Facebook launched the new Reactions in addition to the long run ‘Like” button which the social media company is famous for, so far users have had mixed reactions to the new options. But what do you think? Let us know in the snazzy form below.   [pollcaster widget=”poll” id=”IRwUJMjVhBrQwAyUTcx0UZKwa3k” width=”100%” height=”auto”]

WhatsApp is dropping charges to be completely free

Good news, WhatsApp has backtracked on its decision to charge for the use of the service, now earlier today the company has announced that to make the app more accessible to people and for people not to lose their messages and to do that it needs to be a totally free service, in the past it has been free for one year then $0.99/69p a year there after. The co-founder […]

Periscope videos are now embedded in Twitter feeds

Periscope, Twitter’s own live streaming service now finally plays and streams directly from Twitter. Before this change, if someone who you’re following went live then to even watch the live stream you had to open up the Periscope app and then watch it, now with this new update for iOS users the Periscope streams will appear directly within the Twitter app and interact with it. Periscope statement: “For broadcasters, this means […]