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Snapchat will close lens store, even though sales were good

The filters that Snapchat added to the app back in November have proved extremely popular, it was reported that the company was selling around 10,000 lenses every day, but for some reason Snapchat has made the decision to close down the store on Friday 8th Jan, in order to focus more on the advertising side. Even with the story closing, companies such as Beats will still have exclusive lenses, which they are paying […]

Facebook Messenger now has over 800 million users

Facebook Messenger is company’s almost separate service, because as of late the service is technically like a separate service as it doesn’t require a Facebook login anymore, only your phone number. But now the team has announced that Facebook Messenger now has over 800 million users actively using the service, back in June 2015 Messenger had around 700 million users. Facebook Messenger really is acting like a separate service, with […]

Politwoops will start archiving politicians tweets again

If you use Twitter on a daily basis then you’ll likely know that various politicians who use the social network make mistakes with tweets or post something controversial, and then promptly delete them. For a long time those tweets were archived by a website called Politwoops, but earlier this year Twitter removed access to the website which was collecting and archiving tweets from politicians in around thirty countries, the argument which Twitter […]

Twitter for Mac finally updated, new dark theme, messages and more

Back in October we found out that Twitter was working on a brand new version of the app for the Mac, something which has been a few years in waiting. The update is free and is a complete overhaul with a brand new design which beings it inline with the iPhone version as well as a dark theme, which matches the dark theme on OS X. “Twitter for Mac is […]

Facebook asks that all employees use Android phones

Working for Facebook must be neat and all but depending on your phone preference it may have a slight downside. Facebook is now requesting that all employees use Android phones as opposed to iPhones in the work place, this move isn’t aiming to advertise Android phones and state that iPhones are bad but instead to help improve the software on the platform as the vast majority of emerging markets are […]

Instagram launches new app which creates 1 second videos

Earlier today, Instagram launched a new app which lets you make one second videos, which then get looped – almost like a GIF animation. Instagram is building some simple but genuinely useful applications for iOS, Layout lets you arrange your photos into a collage and then post it to Instagram, Facebook or download it. Hyperlapse arrived last year just before the release of iOS 8 which actually did include a […]

Jack Dorsey is the new CEO of Twitter

Twitter has a new CEO today, Jack Dorsey who is actually one of the company’s original founders back in 2006. Dorsey has been expected to take the position for a while now as he has been a “interim CEO” since June of this year as Dick Costlolo stepped down. Jack Doresey is now a CEO of two companies, Twitter and Square, Jack will remain as the CEO of Square. “We’re […]

UPDATE: Back up – #FacebookDown – Facebook is down, second outage in days

Facebook is down for the second time in a couple of days, the down detector sites displayed it as being down not long ago and as user, Twitter is being plastered with messages #FacebookDown. The site last went down not only a few days back on September 24th. Facebook has over 802 million daily users with 48% of 18-34 year olds checking Facebook as the first thing they do when […]

Instagram now has place and people search on the website

Last month, Instagram introduced a new feature to the app which introduced some new search capabilities and now the new search options have been expanded to the web version of Instagram, starting this week. In the search box you can now search for hashtags, people and places. Although for some reason, trending people and places aren’t yet included in the search on the web. Also non-geotagged photos can’t be search […]

Twitter want to replace the favourite star with a heart

  Twitter seems to be always experimenting as to how the social network works. The latest move from Twitter is to replace the favourite star with a heart, but only on the Android app for now. The heart symbol is currently being testing in two different designs: circle hearts or borderless hearts. For now, only a certain number of users will be seeing the change. Only recently, previous investor in Twitter […]