Social Media

YouTube celebrate 10 years of time wasting

This year is the ten year anniversary of YouTube, back in 2005 the website was created by the three PayPal founders; Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. So to celebrate ten years of time wasting, YouTube has created a montage to celebrate all the rick rolls and screaming goats. In the video below, the video site has created a montage which features all the fails, memes and animals from […]

Periscope launches on Android

Two months after being an iOS exclusive, Twitter’s new live streaming service finally launches on Android. Periscope launched back in January following the release of Meerkat, which is a very similar service that uses Twitters login credentials. Both apps are very similar, but the Android counterpart features a new control menu for notifications as well as a “return to broadcast” tab which will display after leaving the app if users […]

Instagram sends photo highlights, by email

Instagram used to be a list for a small collection of friends which adopted the new social network not long ago, but now everyone seems to be using it, so checking in on it is a bit overwhelming, this endless list of photos of people’s coffee, pets and holidays is becoming a bit too much. To bring some users back, Instagram is sending out emails which aim to show you […]

Facebook Messenger now has video chat

Facebook has been out of the news for a while now, but it’t making a return with the addition of video chat to it’s standalone Messenger app. For a while the app has only supported audio calling, but to keep up with the ever popular FaceTime, Skype and Hangouts – Facebook now supports video calling right in the app. This helps the company not only stay relevant to users, but […]

‪‎WhatsApp‬ is now more popular than texting

WhatsApp, the popular messenger app is now more popular than normal SMS texting. The app has now overtaken traditional texting by 50% when comparing the amount of messages sent each day. Also WhatsApp now has a staggering 700 million active monthly users, which has seen a massive increase from the 50 million in April last year. Ofcom has revealed that the forgotten SMS has seen a decline in the amount […]

Facebook have bought WhatsApp for $16 billion.

Facebook announced that they are purchasing WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps for about $16 billion. The move “accelerates Facebook’s ability to bring connectivity and utility to the world,” Facebook said. Despite the acquisition WhatsApp will still operate and remain independent, Co-Founder and CEO Jan Koum will join Facebook’s Board of Directors. This isn’t new for Facebook, to make high value purchases; They purchased Instagram for $1 billion. WhatsApp has over […]