WhatsApp no longer supported on Windows Phone and BlackBerry

WhatApp, the hugely popular messaging platform which is owned by Facebook, has now dropped support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone, as of New Years Eve last year the two platforms will no longer work with WhatsApp. The news came from an FAQ page on the WhatsApp website, which mainly explains what platforms are currently supported, which ones aren’t and the reasoning behind dropping support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone. “These […]

Silicon Valley €2.4 Billion row between European Anti-Trust Officials and Google

Google have been fined a whopping $2.7 billion dollars, setting a new world record for the largest penalty against any Tech company to date. The multinational technology company have been charged by European Anti-Trust officials for favouring their own services against their competitors. The cooperate giant finds itself having to defend itself after been accused of “unfairly dominating the market place” with its advertising products. It is nothing new for a […]

UPDATE – Yes, WhatsApp is down

It isn’t just you, WhatsApp does seem to be down for a lot of users. People are reporting they can’t send or receive chats and it just shows “Connecting”. As there is no “fix” for this, symptoms lead to an issue with WhatsApp servers. UPDATE: WhatsApp came back up around 22:30 Wednesday evening, a statement from the company was issue shortly after service was restored. “Earlier today, WhatsApp users in all […]