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The Grand Tour Episode 5 airs today

This week, the fifth episode of the Amazon Prime Video hit The Grand Tour has dropped and is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime. This week, the boys review the new VW UP GTI, crash tank through a building and crash a rally spec Subaru Impreza. Fire, shouting and crashes. The boys at their best. Trailer is below. Trailer

Amazon Echo can now stream Spotify to multiple rooms

Starting today, users who use Spotify and the Amazon can now stream music to multiple rooms, thanks to Amazon adding in support for multiform audio a few months back. Since its introduction multi-room audio has only worked with Amazon’s own music service, Amazon Music Unlimited. So as of today, multi-room audio on the Amazon Echo works with Spotify and SiriusXM. Spotify on multiple speakers will only work in the US, […]

BBC launches Alexa skill for live radio

This week the BBC has launched their second Alexa skill for the Amazon Echo, the current one they offer simply gives news snippets and flash news. The new skill offers support for all BBC Radio stations and BBC Podcasts. Radio and podcasts The new skill for Alexa can play any BBC radio station, over the internet which would make the rise of internet radio much easier to access as you […]

Google is blocking YouTube on the Amazon Echo Show and Fire TV

In the last few months, Amazon and Google have been butting heads on the integration of YouTube on Amazon’s devices, specifically on the Echo Show and Fire TV. As of writing, Google has now actually pulled support for YouTube on both the Echo Show and all the Fire TV devices. The main feud is mainly over Amazon not selling some of Google’s own hardware products, such as Chromecast and the […]

The Amazon Echo Show is coming to the UK and Germany, later this year

Soon, but with no actual date set for release – Amazon will be bringing the Echo Show smart home device to the UK as well as Germany. Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for the Echo Show, starting today and they promise to ship devices sometime later this year. Pricing is £199.99 in the UK and €219.99 in Germany. Echo, Echo What is the Echo Show? Well, the device was originally […]

Amazon Echo devices now support multi-room audio

The Amazon Echo range of smart speakers has been out for a while now, and also it’s no longer just the cylinder speaker, the Echo Dot is a device that connects to wifi and plugs straight into an existing speaker system. Music. Every. Room. For ages, the Echo ecosystem has never support multi-room audio, something Apple pioneered with AirPlay not long ago and in recent years, Sonos has somewhat taken […]

Photobucket ransom causes chaos across the internet!

Thousands of images promoting items sold on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy amongst other shopping sites have been removed after the photo-sharing third party service provided by Photobucket changed its terms and services. Not only has this caused issues on the shopping e-commerce sites, but it has caused social media outrage on sites like Facebook and Twitter as they find that many forums and blogs have all the images replaced with what […]

Amazon Prime Day is July 11th, also Prime is £59 until July 3rd

For the past few years, Amazon has basically invented its own national event day. It’s a one day event called Prime Day which has been taking place every year for the past three – and Amazon hosts “hundreds of thousands of deals.” The annual price of a Prime membership has been slashed, but for a limited time. More on all this – after the break. ADVERTISMENT So, what is Prime Day? As […]

Amazon Video might come to Apple TV this summer

Amazon and Apple haven’t had the best relationship over the past year or so, mainly over the availability of the Apple TV on amazon.com as well as negotiating a deal to get an Amazon Video app on the set top box. While nearly every media streaming device supports Netflix, NOW TV, YouTube and Amazon Video – the Apple TV just doesn’t support it, currently if you want to use Amazon […]

Amazon Music is now on Apple CarPlay

CarPlay has been out for a few years now and really the amount of apps you can get for it hasn’t really expanded that much, above all for in the car music apps are certainly at the top of the list. Since it’s launch Apple Music has been available and so has Spotify. Now Amazon has jumped on board with the latest version of the iOS app for Amazon Music which […]