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Apple Music Replay now offers a week-by-week playlist

Last year, Apple launched replay playlist, which is very similar to Spotify’s ‘Wrapped’ version which basically takes your most played artists, songs genres over the past year and makes you a special unique playlists and presents you with some stats on your listening habits over the year. Apple now has a weekly playlist, called Replay 2020 which automatically updates since a Sunday to show the most listened to music over […]

Apple Music may be coming to Google Home soon

Apple, after a long, long time is starting to crack open sections of itself. Just recently, AirPlay is suddenly making its way to Smart TVs, as is the iTunes movie library to Samsung smart TVs of all things and at the start of December last year, Apple Music was made available on the Amazon Echo platform. And now, by the looks of it – (there isn’t any official note from Google […]

Apple Music is coming to Amazon Echo later this month

Apple Music, since it’s launch hasn’t really been available on third party devices, apart from Android. It has long been an ‘Apple only’ service, which makes sense as Apple doesn’t typically make money off services, it is the hardware which brings in the money but this week Amazon and Apple both announced that Apple Music will be coming to the range of Echo devices later this month. The announcement took […]

Apple Music has now hit 40 million subscribers

Apple is still a relatively new player to the music streaming game, Pandora has been around for nearly a two decades now and Spotify is approaching its 10 year anniversary but considering that Apple launched Apple Music not even two years ago, the rate of which new subscribers are signing up is nothing short of impressive. In a report from Variety this week, it was revealed that Apple Music has hit 40 million […]

Apple Music on Android has had 10 million downloads so far

Apple surprised a lot of people last year when it announced that Apple Music would be coming to the Android platform. The Android version was release to Google Play in November 2015, now approaching the one year mark when the app was released iDownloadBlog have uncovered from Google Play meta data how many times the app has been downloaded. According to Google Play, Apple Music for Android has been downloaded around 10 […]

Apple Music Festival will return starting September 18

Just earlier today, Apple released the details for the next annual and free concert which takes place every year at the London Roundhouse. Apple announced that it’ll run for 10 nights from September 18th to September 30th and people living in the UK can apply to win tickets. Residents outside of the UK shouldn’t feel left out however as like in previous years Apple will be streaming each night online […]

James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ gets signed to Apple Music

James Corden has been doing the Late Late Show for a while now and one popular segment of the show is the ‘Carpool Karaoke’ and now Apple has signed up the show for an upcoming series along with CBS Television Studios. Apple’s exclusive deal will have 16 episodes with the same episode outline as is currently. Eddy Cue – Senior Vice President of internet, software and services at Apple: “We love […]

Apple is offering students a discount on Apple Music

Apple is now offering a heavy discount on Apple Music subsections, eligible students who apply can get 50% off the monthly cost of the music service. This was confirmed a few days ago by the company, which is now offering the discount in seven countries around the world. These plans still come with all the same functionality as the regular plans and access to all the music, Beats 1 and […]

You can now use Apple Music on Sonos

Apple hasn’t been too keen on working with Sonos in the past, or so it seems but earlier in the year we leaned that Apple Music will be coming to the Sonos music system, up until now the feature has been in beta but now all Sonos users who use Apple Music can now add the service to the app by logging into your account, under the ‘Add Music Service’ section. […]