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watchOS 5 will turn your Apple Watch into a Walkie Talkie

Kevin Lynch did a good job on stage today at WWDC going over all the new features for Apple Watch which are coming later this year with watchOS and one of those big features, was Walkie Talkie. Apple Watch Series 3 includes integrated cellular support for a 4G LTE connection, and this works great with the new feature which as the name suggests makes the Apple Watch behave like a […]

Instagram has now dropped support for its Apple Watch app

They are dropping like flies, but a common trend lately is that larger companies are pulling support for their native Apple Watch apps. A year or so ago Amazon dropped support for its app on the wearable, as did Google for Google Maps and now Facebook has pulled support for the official Instagram app, which was one of the original apps to launch along side the original Apple Watch in […]

watchOS 4.3 update is now available

Today, just before the UK bank holiday Apple has released a ton of new software for Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV as well as the iPhone and iPad and in this post we’ll cover whats new in watchOS 4.3. watchOS 4.3 With watchOS 4.3 Apple has addressed a few glaring bugs as well as included a handful of new features, Nightstand mode or Bedside mode as it is referred to […]

Second beta of watchOS 4.3 released for developers

Very soon, a new major update for iOS, watchOS and tvOS is coming soon with brand new features, bug fixes and more. To prepare, Apple is very busy testing and releasing various beta revisions to registered developers and when it comes to it, willing members of the public too. Today, Apple has released the second beta of watchOS 4.3 to developers, this comes just under two weeks since the first […]

First beta of watchOS 4.3 now available for developers

This week, Apple is on fire bringing out new beta releases for developers, public beta and even a full iOS 11 update released to public on Tuesday. The latest release is for the Apple Watch, the new watchOS 4.3 update has been seeded to registered developers for testing. Nothing is known yet about watchOS 4.3, but earlier this week watchOS 4.2.2 was released to the public which only contained minor […]

Apple releases watchOS 4.2 with support for Apple Pay Cash

Following the release of iOS 11.2 last week, which was made available on Saturday morning, today Apple has now released watchOS 4.2. With the iOS 11.2 update, it brought the addition of Apple Pay Cash for US users only as well as some small bug fixes and enhancements to the interface. watchOS 4.2 The update for Apple Watch also adds support for Apple Pay Cash, which at the time of […]

Apple becomes the biggest wearable maker again

In over two years, the Apple Watch has risen to a seriously impressive popularity level. The Apple Watch was introduced at the end of 2014 along side the iPhone 6 and then went on sale the next Spring, in April of 2015. Since then the Apple Watch got very close to beating Rolex in terms of popularity for a watch, then subsequently overtook them. Numbers According to a report from […]

What did Apple announce today?

Earlier today, Apple rounded out one of the most anticipated and rumoured events of the company’s history.  Since November last year, rumours were already flying around for what Apple may do for the 2017 iPhone, which makes it the 10th year of the iconic phone. Today, Apple revealed all. A new 4K Apple TV was announced, along with a third generation Apple Watch with built in cellular support. We saw […]

Nike’s new “Day to Night” Apple Watch bands are now available

At the start of last week, Nike announced a new colour option of the Nike+ Sport bands for the Apple Watch, dubbed the “Day to Night” collection. The four new options are designed to compliment the corresponding training shoes which are offered on the same colours. The Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit and the new Apple Watch bands are available in four distinct colours and they are intended to be matched up, […]

NikeLab Apple Watch now available

Last week, Nike announced that a new version of the Apple Watch Series 2 would be coming soon, a custom NikeLab version of the standard Nike Apple Watch. Named the Apple Watch NikeLab, it is available to buy from today at Nike’s website. The limited edition watch only comes in one colour variant, as pictured above – Space Grey with black and cream style Nike band. This edition of the […]