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Apple Watch set’s new record in sales, while Fitbit sees declines

The Apple Watch has been out for a few years now and only until now have real figures surfaced. With the last quarter, Apple revealed that the sales for Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 were a “magnificent success” and it is estimated that Apple sold around 4.6 million devices in the fourth quarter of 2016, this is a slight increase from the fourth quarter of 2015 where Apple […]

Apple Watch mini store at Selfridges shuts down

When the first Apple Watch was launched back in 2015, the marketing Apple did was immense. Everywhere you looked for a few months the Apple Watch was everywhere, on magazine covers and also in London, Selfridges had an exclusive area within the store for the Apple Watch alone. Located on the first left in the huge Wonder Room – which is a 19,000 square foot hall dedicated to jewellery and […]

Apple is now offering refurbished Apple Watches

This week Apple has added some new products to its refurbished store, firstly the Apple Watch is making an appearance since the device was first in on sale from last year. Both Series 1 and Series 2 are listed in the two 38mm and 42mm configurations. Most finishes are being offered, apart from the Edition. The aluminium versions start at $229, which is $40 off and Stainless Steel versions start $469, […]

New Apple Watch due this year, according to analyst

The next Apple Watch could be just around the corner, well according to a well known analyst that is. The Apple Watch has been with us since last April and was previewed two years ago when the iPhone 6 was debuted in 2014, so it’s more than likely that we’ll be seeing a refresh to Apple’s smartwatch. Now, new information has come from respected Apple predictor, Ming-Chi Kuo who is an […]

Nightshift will eventually come to every Apple device

It has now been officially confirmed that Night Shift is coming to every Apple device from this point forward. Apple introduced this special Night Shift feature with the introduction to iOS 9.3.  Since this time Apple Night Shift mode has been updated for both the iPhone and iPad in iOS 9.3.2 beta. The principles of which the device is set out to accomplish is to: save strain on your eyes, improve […]

This guy installed Windows 95 on his Apple Watch

People just like installing Windows 95 on every device that they can, but it really shows how far we have come in the last few decades with processing power and miniaturisation, it’s now possible to run Windows 95, sort of on the Apple Watch that shows how far we really have come, back in the 90s it would have required a bulky laptop or a huge desktop tower to do […]

Domino’s Pizza app comes to Apple Watch

It’s now possible to order pizza from Domino’s in so many different ways, back at the end of 2014 the company unveiled a version of the app for the Xbox One, making ordering once again even easier, also not long ago the company released a dedicated button inside a small pizza box. Now, Domino’s has released a dedicated app of the Apple Watch, complete with the “Easy Order” feature, allowing […]

Apple has sold 7 million watches, according to report

In Apple’s recent quarterly earning reports, they haven’t mentioned the sales of the Apple Watch, instead it is grouped together in the “Other” category which includes accessories, Beats products and iPods. Apple isn’t revealing how many Apple Watches have been sold, but according to a report from Canalys Apple has sold around 7 million watches, completly blowing the competition out of the water. “After experiencing significant supply chain constraints early on, Apple managed […]

Apple Watch can now track runs on Runkeeper, without an iPhone

Since launch the Apple Watch has always required a permanent connection to an iPhone to function properly, expect from being an actual watch and using Apple Pay. Now with the recent launch of watchOS 2 the Apple Watch can run native apps and execute the code on device without the need for the iPhone to be connected. This also allows the watch to be a true fitness device as apps such as […]