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Apple will be releasing ‘The Banker’ film after all

In November last year, Apple released a trailer for and upcoming film ‘The Banker’ which was supposed to be released on Apple TV+ this month after its debut in cinemas in the US in December. It would have been shown in cinemas in order to be eligible for nomination for awards. But later that month, the film didn’t go ahead and the theatrical release was delayed too. At the time, […]

Rack mountable version of the Apple Mac Pro now on available

Apple launched the new Mac Pro in December last year, which based on the max price the computer tops out did its best to make headlines in the media, which were mostly for the wrong reason. But when the Mac Pro was previewed at WWDC last year it was announced on stage that a special version fro making rack mounting the computer much easier, which is especially hands for Mac […]

Apple begins replacement program for iPhone XS battery cases

Last week, Apple has started a new replacement program for its official battery cases for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The program covers cases which were manufactured between January 2019 and October 2019 and the issue was that the case would either not charge at all or only charge sometimes. Apple said it will replace any cases for up to two years after they were sold. […]

Apple now has a photo challenge for iPhone 11 Night Mode photos

This week, Apple announced a new challenge for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro customers to take part in, a new ‘Night Mode Photo’ challenge which invites users to take their best photos using the new smarts of latest iPhone models. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models have a feature called ‘Night Mode’ which allows the phone to detect low light and adjust accordingly, the feature is very […]

Apple’s annual shareholders meeting will take place on 26th Feb at Apple Park

Apple has a shareholders meeting once every year and this year for 2020 it will take place on 26th February at Apple Park, in the Steve Jobs Theater at 9am PT. Apple announced the meeting in a filing to the SEC. Shareholders can attend the meeting in person, but there is a requirement to register beforehand on the website, proxyvote.com which can be done so from 4th February 2020 8am […]

You can now get your AirPods case engraved with Emoji from Apple

Yesterday a new option for getting AirPods engraved from the official Apple Store, you can now add Emoji and there are a few to choose from, such as the Alien, Unicorn, Poop Emoji and a few others – basically a few smiley faces and the ones that you can use with Memoji on iOS. All models of the AirPods can be engraved, but the emoji option is new this week. […]

Apple will be appearing at CES 2020 this year, for the first time in decades

According to a report from Bloomberg, by Mark Gurman – Apple will be attending CES next week for the first time in decades to likely show off more devices and features of HomeKit, Apple’s propterity smart home platform. The report also mentions it is not expected that any new Apple products are to be announced at CES but more likely to be a showcase platform for HomeKit. CES 2020 starts […]

Deals: The 5 Best Apple Deals on amazon.co.uk

Christmas is a few days behind us now and we’re on our way to 2020 and perhaps you didn’t quite get exactly what you were hoping for at Christmas. We’re going to help you out with some great deals we have found on Amazon UK today, specially for Apple products. Apple Watch Series 4 GPS and Cellular This may be the last generation Apple Watch at the moment, but because […]

Apple is now selling Sonos One SL speaker and AirPods cases

Apple has been updating its online store in the past few days with a few new items, such as the Sonos One SL speaker, which features AirPlay 2 and support for Apple Music too. Also, Apple is now selling cases for the latest AirPods Pro, from Incase. The Sonos One SL is wireless, has AirPlay 2 so it can work with HomeKit with the HomePod, and is a lot cheaper […]

Apple launches revised public bug bounty program

Apple has long had some issues with the way it handles reports of bugs people have had. Famously, earlier in year there was a teenager from Arizona who found a flaw with FaceTime in iOS 12 where users could join a FaceTime call without the other person picking it up. Despite, his mum and him reaching out to Apple Support and tweeting Tim Cook, nothing was done or a few […]