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Apple has said its first retail store in India will open next year

Yesterday, Apple held its annual shareholders meeting at Apple Park and one of the announcements from Tim Cook was that Apple will be open its first retail store in India next year, in 2021. Apple has also said that by the end of 2020, it will start selling products on its online retail store in India because at the moment, Apple doesn’t really sell to the consumer directly, instead it […]

Eero’s routers and mesh system now supports Apple HomeKit

At Apple’s WWDC last year, it announced a few additions to HomeKit, one was HomeKit Secure Video which utilises the power of the HomePod or Apple TV to analyse footage and stores videos in iCloud. This week, Netatmo announced support for this. The other, was HomeKit support for home routers which will automatically configure the firewall to help isolate smart home devices from your main LAN. This isn’t a new […]

According to shipment estimates, the iPhone XR was the most popular smartphone last year

Apple released the iPhone XR alongside the iPhone XS at the end of 2018 and while Apple heavily pushed the model with various trade in deals, it did seem to work pretty well as according to Omdia, a research firm – the iPhone XR was the best selling smartphone in 2019, the second being the iPhone 11. One impressive stat is how many iPhone 11 units were shipped in 2019. […]

Apple Mac Pro wheels will soon be available to purchase separately

When the new Mac Pro went on sale last year, you could at the time, choose if you wanted to add the optional wheels in the checkout process for $400 extra. If you didn’t add them, there was no option to add the wheels afterwards. Just this week, Apple has published the ‘Mac Pro Technology Overview’ which mentions that the wheels are the feet are now available after the initial […]

Deal: Apple iPhone XR has £120 off today on amazon.co.uk

The iPhone XR is only one generation of iPhone old now, released at the same time as the iPhone XS and also most of the same specs as the iPhone XS, the same A12 Bionic system on a chip, and the main camera is the same spec, at 12MP. Being a slightly less expensive phone than the iPhone XS, the XR only has one camera whereas the iPhone XS from […]

Apple launches Swift Playgrounds on the Mac

Today, Apple has released Swift Playgrounds for the Mac, for the first time. The app which is primarily designed for kids to teach them how to code in Swift, has only been available on iPad until now. Swift Playgrounds gets the user to play games, puzzles and challenges to help learn the basics of Swift programming. Apple has managed to get the app to work on macOS by using Catalyst, […]

References to AMD CPUs found in macOS Catalina beta

In a very recent beta version of macOS Catalina, some references to the use of AMD CPUs has been found, which might be a loose suggestion to Apple moving from Intel to AMD or adding AMD has an option of some Mac models. User “_rogame” on Twitter and Reddit has found some the references within macOS. However, it is very unlikely that Apple would move to AMD for CPUs for […]

Apple sold more Apple Watch units than the entire Swiss watch industry did last year

Strategy Analytics recently reported on how many Apple Watch units they estimate Apple has sold during 2019 and they say that Apple has sold 30.7 million devices worldwide. This number is way more than how the entire Swiss watch industry is doing, which isn’t just one company, its Rolex, Tissot, TAG Heuer, Swatch and Louis Vuitton combined. During 2019, Strategy Analytics estimate that the Swiss watch industry sold 21.2 million watches, […]

Hints at upcoming new Apple TV model found in tvOS 13.4 beta

When Apple released the beta version of tvOS 13.4 to developers yesterday, there were a few little details that snuck through, that 9to5Mac reported on with a new model number “T1125” which is hitting towards a new Apple TV model. According to 9to5Mac the new model could have a A12 Bionic Apple CPU or higher integrated to power the device, but this is all he information we have on a new model at […]

Apple releases tvOS 13.4 beta for developers

Apple today has released a new beta version of tvOS to developers only at this stage, with tvOS 13.4. The new update is extremely minor, no new features but there are some small improvements to the way Family Sharing purchases are displayed, so users no longer have to leave the app to find them.