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Apple moves the 2013 and 2014 MacBook Air to vintage status

Apple supports the Mac and its other devices for a long time with software updates and even after major updates are no longer provided, older Macs still get security updates and patches. This week, Apple has moved a couple of Mac laptops and an old iPod touch to the vintage section. Apple has moved the mid-2013 and the mid-2014 MacBook Air to vintage status, which means at some stage this […]

Apple Stores in Italy will start to open again on the 19th May

Apple has slowly been reopening its retail stores since the mass closure a few months ago, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Apple’s only store in South Korea opened back up again in April, and Apple’s only store in Austria opened up again earlier this month. In Germany, Apple opened up its stores a few weeks ago, albeit with a limited service. According to Italian website iSpazio, Apple is planning on reopening some […]

This years iPhone may have a 120Hz screen

Nearly every year for the past ten years, Apple has unveiled a new update to the iPhone in September and while we are a few months away, rumours for the ‘iPhone 12’ for this year are starting to pop up online. According to some rumours, the new iPhone for 2020 is going to get a much faster refresh rate on the display and improvements to the camera. These rumours come […]

Apple releases Logic Pro X 10.5 update

Today, Apple has releases a new major update for Logic Pro X, bringing the version up to 10.5 now. One of the major new features was the addition of Live Loops for the first time, something that has been on GarageBand for a while now. Live Loops allows users to easily get loops and samples and other recordings and easily integrate them into the current project. This new update brings […]

HomePod is now on sale in India

Earlier this year, Apple announced that the HomePod smart speaker would soon go on sale in India and starting yesterday, the speaker has now gone on sale. Although you can’t buy anything from Apple directly in the country, Apple’s website for the HomePod sends you to third party retailers, such as Paytm and Amazon.in. The official price of the HomePod is ₹19,900 in India, which is £209 in the UK […]

Microsoft Office apps on iPad will soon get trackpad support

According to The Verge and TechCrunch who both had reports today, Microsoft will soon add trackpad support to its suite of Office apps, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Support is due to come this autumn. This news comes shortly after Apple updated iPadOS recently with native support for trackpads and mice, with iOS 13.4 and then even more recently, the new Magic Keyboard case for iPad Pro. via: The Verge

Apple Stores in Germany are due to reopen on Monday

Apple Stores around the world have been closed for around two months, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Those stores in China have been open much longer than that, but were closed earlier in the year. Most stores have been closed for around two months and just earlier this week, the only Apple Store in Austria opened up on Tuesday this week. Today, Apple has announced that all of its […]

Apple has come first in a brand intimacy study for the whole tech industry

In a recent study from MBLM about brand intimacy, which takes a look at what emotional connections people have with certain brands and companies – Apple has come first for the study this year in the tech industry section. In the same study last year, YouTube came first – but in overall brand intimacy, Apple did come behind Disney and Amazon. Ford came 4th overall. Also, the study did show […]

Jon Prosser: New more powerful Apple TV is “ready to ship”

Well known Apple leaker, Jon Prosser has been right about a a few upcoming new Apple products lately, one was the iPhone SE a few weeks ago and earlier this week the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, with the new Magic Keyboard. And today, Jon Prosser has revealed he has some information about an new upcoming Apple TV which is set to have a more powerful A12X Bionic processor, with the […]

Apple’s virtual WWDC conference will start on the 22nd June

This week, Apple has announced when this years virtual WWDC will be. Due to the ongoing coronavirus, the physical event was cancelled back in March and Apple announced that for 2020, due to the circumstances, it would move online only. This week, Apple has provided more information about WWDC 2020, including the dates. The conference will start on the 22nd June and there will be a keynote too. Normally, for […]