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Ford launches the Ford GT Heritage Edition

This week, Ford unveiled a new special edition of the Ford GT dubbed the “Heritage Edition” and it pays homage to the 1966 Ford GT in which Ken Miles won at the Le Mans 24 hour race. The special edition car has a unique red and black exterior which is a modern take on the 66′ car, with 98 numbers on each side as well as exposed carbon fibre. On […]

Ford launches new rugged versions of the Transit

This week, Ford has announced a new off road, rugged range of the Transit line up. The new Trail and Active specifications will be coming to all Transit models with the Transit Trail, Transit Custom Trail and Transit Custom Active. Ford has said the new trim level makes the Transit more tough in harsher working environments, with four wheel drive on some of the models and new differential. There are […]

Ford launches new mild hybrid Fiesta, on sale now

Today, Ford has expanded the line up of the current Fiesta, with a new mild-hybrid option. Ford starting offering its cars with an electrical boost starting with the new Kuga and Puma and now, the Fiesta can be specced with it too. As it does in the Puma, the hybrid system uses a 48v belt driven starter and generator to supply a small boost of power for the engine, 15lb […]

Ford is planning on launching online car sales this year

Something which has been apparent during the lockdown is the importance of online sales and one of the areas of life where only one company has really got it nailed is the automotive industry and selling cars online. Tesla has been doing this for ages and ages, you can now configure a Tesla online, pay/set up finance and have the car delivered or arrange to collect it. Ford is looking […]

Ford stops production of the Ka+, C-Max and B-Max in Europe

Ford has recently taken the decision to stop production of the small city car, the Ka+ and the two medium sized people carriers the C-Max and the B-Max in Europe in order to be more profitable and to meet buyer demand. The outgoing Ka+ is based on the last generation Ford Fiesta in order to keep costs down and is also sold in India and other markets. The C-Max and […]

Ford has said the upcoming Mustang Mach-E will get over-the-air updates

Ford has some news regarding software updates for the new, upcoming Mustang Mach-E full EV. The car is currently up for reservation, starting at £40,270 here in the UK which gets you 280 miles of range. Ford has revealed some information about how the over-the-air updates will work, very similar to what Tesla has been doing for years on its cars. Ford has said that once the car launches, the […]

Ford will start production again in the UK on the 18th May

Like all other UK based car factories, Ford had to close down its two engine factories here in the UK due the coronavirus, it has one in Dagenham and another in Bridgend, South Wales. Like Vauxhall, Ford is reopening both of these factories next week on Monday, the 18th May. The factory will be providing all staff with face masks and will be checking their temperature once they enter the […]

Ford teases new upcoming Puma ST, more details this year

A few days ago, Ford teased a few videos online which hint at a new upcoming hot version of the new Ford Puma SUV, the image we have gives very little information about the Puma ST and Ford itself hasn’t revealed any information as to what specs it will have or the price. It is expected to share the same engine with the current Fiesta ST hot hatch, which would […]

Ford has no plans for a new fourth generation Focus RS

We reported back in December last year, that Ford would be using a mild-hybrid system for the next Focus RS hot hatch, with a full four-wheel drive system. Car had understood that the fourth generation would use a 48-volt system to drive down the CO2 emissions. However, this development no longer seems to be the case. A Ford spokesperson had said that the development of a new model is not cost […]

Ford UK is offering six month payment holidays for car finance

While Ford showrooms and dealerships are closed currently due to the coronavirus, as per the current government advice – Ford is aiming to make the most of the current situation. Ford is offering customers to order a new car online, with a fully fledged remote sales experience from select Ford dealerships. And also because a lot of people haven’t got as much and in some cases, no income coming in […]