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Mustang Mach-E GT now available to order in the UK

Ford took the GT version of the new Mustang Mach-E to the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year for its first public appearance in the UK with orders now available and deliveries starting later this year. Prices for the regular Mach-E start at £40,270 with the high performance GT model starting at £67,225. The Mach-E GT was announced last December and has already been available for order since April this […]

Ford could launch a smaller Maverick based EV

Ford announced the new entry level truck, the Maverick last week which is the company’s new smaller pickup, sitting on the same platform as the Bronco Sport and in size, sitting below the the Ranger. The company is looking to expand its rollout of electric vehicles and is aiming to have 40% all electric sales by 2030 in the US. However, while Ford is expanding into all electric pickup trucks […]

Ford now has 100,000 pre-orders for the all electric F-150 Lightning

Ford put its new all electric truck, the F-150 Lighting up for pre-order around three weeks ago and the company gained 44,500 pre-orders in 48 hours. By comparison, when the Cybertruck went up for pre-order, Tesla had 250,000 orders in the first five days. Jim Farley, CEO of Ford spoke to the New York Times this week about the F-150 Lightning and said that the pre-orders had already hit 100,000. […]

Ford introduces new Maverick truck in the US

Ford has announced the new Ford Maverick pickup truck, reusing a name once used in the 1970s for a small car and then here in Europe for a SUV that was based on a Nissan Terran. This all new truck however joins Fords expanding pickup truck line up at the entry level model, below the Ranger. The Ford Maverick will only be available in the US and it’s the first […]

The new Ford F-150 Lightning Pro is aimed at the commercial market

Ford launched the new F-150 Lightning last week, and all new, all electric version of the best selling pickup in America. This new Pro version is aimed squarely at the commercial market, it’ll go on sale at the same time as the consumer version next year and Ford hasn’t added that much over the consumer version. The only big difference is the software, Ford has actually integrated its own commercial telematics software […]

Ford has already had 44,500 pre-orders for the new F-150 Lightning in under 48 hours

Despite going up for pre-order around 48 hours ago, Ford has already had more than 44,500 pre-orders for the new all electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck, with each customer needing to put down $100. The truck comes in at $39,974 (£28,200), has 563bhp, will do between 230 and 300 miles on a charge and can even power your house during an outage. More than 44,500 reservations in less than 48 […]

Ford announces the new all electric F-150 Lightning truck

This week, Ford revealed the anticipated all electric version of the F-150 pickup truck with the new F-150 Lightning. When it goes ons ale next year, it will take on the yet to be released Cybertruck from Tesla. Ford revealed the name for its all electric F-150 last week, taking the name Lightning from an old performance F-150 from the 90s. However, in this incarnation its in reference to the […]

Ford is adding support for Alexa to its new cars

Last week, Ford announced that it is planning on adding over the air software updates to its cars that support it, on the Mustang Mach E and new Bronco and as part of that, Alexa support will be added too. Obviously, people know Alexa from Amazon’s line of smart speakers and the Fire TV but in a car, it’ll be used to help the driver get information on traffic levels, […]

Ford will start offering OTA updates for its cars

Ford has announced today that it will start offering over the air updates to some of its latest car models. Using a new service its calling “Power Up”, Ford will be able to administer software updates for the cars base firmware, infotainment and more all remotely. In the past, cars have had to be taken to a dealership for an update. Now, we all know remote software updates for cars […]

Ford announces name of its all electric F-150 pickup

This week, Ford finally announced plans for its upcoming electric pickup truck, as well as the name. Ford is reusing the F-150 Lightning badge, which was used on SVT trucks from the 90s. Lightning is a good name for an electric truck from Ford and the new truck will be unveiled later this month on the 19th May. Making the F-150 electric is a major step for Ford, the other big […]