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HomePod mini, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max go up for pre-order tomorow

Late last month, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro went up for pre-order and up for sale and customers already have the new phones. At the iPhone event, there was actually four new models unveiled, and the two other models, the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max go up for pre-order starting tomorrow, 6th November. At the same time, the new HomePod mini goes up for pre-order […]

HomePod updated to 14.1 – adds Intercom support

This week, Apple released iOS 14.1 and iPadOS 14.1 which contained a number of bug fixes and at the same time, 14.1 was released for the HomePod which adds support for the upcoming Intercom feature which isn’t yet on iOS. 14.1 also adds support for the HomePod mini. Intercom on the HomePod allows users to broadcast to the home a recorded message and have it appear on everyones iPhone, iPad, […]

HomePod will soon support Dolby Atmos

When the HomePod mini launched earlier this week, Apple added a new comparison page which sat the existing HomePod and the new HomePod mini side by side and the only couple differences are the lack of spatial awareness on the mini and the lack of a new feature called “Home cinema with Apple TV 4K.” This new cinema feature is only on the larger HomePod and only works with the newer Apple TV 4K […]

HomePod will soon be able to be the default audio source for Apple TV

HomePod has long been able to be the audio source for an Apple TV and it works rather well, thanks the great sound quality of the HomePod but one little niggle is that it couldn’t be set as the hard default output for the Apple TV, as it would occasionally unpair and you’d need to reselect it. Thankfully in the upcoming iOS 14.2 and tvOS 14.2 updates which are currently […]

Apple announces new HomePod mini and it’s only £99

Today at its event, called ‘Hi, Speed’ Apple unveiled the new HomePod mini a really quite small smart speaker with integrated Siri. The current full size HomePod is £279 and the new HomePod mini is $99 in the US and £99 in the UK. The HomePod mini, as the name suggests is quite a bit smaller than the full size HomePod at just 3.3-inches tall whereas the larger one is […]

Leaker suggests that new smaller HomePod is due in November for under $100

We all know the HomePod is quite a bit more expensive than the rest of the smart speaker market, which has seemed to effect its sales but its sound quality more than makes up for it, however Apple seems to want to cater to more of the market than the current model does with a rumoured upcoming smaller model, dubbed ‘HomePod mini’ which would retail for $99. The current HomePod […]

HomePod is getting support for third party music services with iOS 14 and more

This week is WWDC and Apple has announced new version of iOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS and the HomePod will now have access to third party music streaming services, but the details are fairly limited at the moment as Apple never directly mentioned the upcoming feature. However this could mean that Apple might start providing APIs for the HomePod to allow the likes of Spotify and others to have access […]

HomePod is now on sale in India

Earlier this year, Apple announced that the HomePod smart speaker would soon go on sale in India and starting yesterday, the speaker has now gone on sale. Although you can’t buy anything from Apple directly in the country, Apple’s website for the HomePod sends you to third party retailers, such as Paytm and Amazon.in. The official price of the HomePod is ₹19,900 in India, which is £209 in the UK […]

Apple releases audioOS 13.4 for HomePod

Today, alongside iOS 13.4, iPadOS 13.4, tvOS 13.4 and macOS 10.15.4 – Apple has also released audioOS 13.4 for the HomePod speaker, no major changes at all listed here just very typical bug fixes. The release notes are very sparse, saying only “general improvements for stability and quality.’ HomePod will automatically update, unless it has been turned off. HomePod can be manually updated via the Home app on iOS, iPadOS […]

HomePod is launching soon in India

On Tuesday this week, Apple released a very minor update to the HomePod with 13.3.1 but what wasn’t in the release notes, was the addition of support for Indian English for Siri on the HomePod. The HomePod will be launching soon in India for ₹19,900 MRP and as soon as it goes on sale, we’ll post about it here on A&T Tech. Source: Apple