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Hyundai revises the i30 N hot hatch, on sale now

Hyundai has revised its i30 N hot hatch after four years on the market. The updated car has had, most notably some exterior design changes as well as a new gearbox and some other mechanical changes. The new i30 N has the same 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine as before, only offered here in the UK in the ‘Performance Package’ trim level. The updated car has gained 5bhp over the old model, […]

Hyundai expands its N line with the new Kona N SUV

Hyundai is ever expanding its performance line of cars, with the first car – the i30N being launched back in back 2017 which was a major hit as it signalled a major development for the Korean car company. Armed with Albert Biermann, who heads top R&D for the N devision at Hyundai the company has been on a roll. Now the latest car to get the N treatment is the […]

Hyundai launches new US only Santa Cruz pickup truck

Hyundai has recently launched the new Santa Cruz in the US as its first pickup truck. It looks to compete with the Ford Ranger which itself is on sale in the US and here in the UK, but despite being a pickup it is on the smaller, more crossover size when compared to other pickups across the pond. Hyundai is even marketing the Santa Cruz has a crossover, but for […]

Hyundai has had to recall 76,000 cars due to fire risk

Hyundai is having to recall 75,680 Kona EVs worldwide due to issues with the batteries. The main issue came from when Hyundai issued a software upgrade to a batch of Kona vehicles which would limit the cars charging to 90%. However one car that had been upgraded happened to catch fire in South Korea in January this year. After this issue occurred, the Korean Transport Ministry investigated but determined the […]

Hyundai i30N arrives in South Africa

Here in the UK, the infamous hot hatch from Hyundai has been on sale for over two years now, when it made its debut on UK soil in September 2017, but it has taken its time to get to South Africa and today is that day. The Hyundai i30N is now on sale in a few dealers across the country, in 14 dealers at the time of writing. Belville, Somerset […]