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Instagram has now dropped support for its Apple Watch app

They are dropping like flies, but a common trend lately is that larger companies are pulling support for their native Apple Watch apps. A year or so ago Amazon dropped support for its app on the wearable, as did Google for Google Maps and now Facebook has pulled support for the official Instagram app, which was one of the original apps to launch along side the original Apple Watch in […]

Instagram now shows when you were last active

This week, Instagram unveiled a new feature to its app, which did cause a little bit of a stir online. The direct messaging section of the app now supports the ability to see when last people were online or active on Instagram. For those concerned, this can be turned off in the settings app. But it is on by default. Instagram now can see who is active ūüíÄ pic.twitter.com/OgyRBN1JZP — […]

Instagram now has 700 million users, 100m new users in 4 months

Instagram is on a success high recently, just in the last few weeks it was reported that Instagram’s Stories feature had become more popular than Snapchat it self, which is now a direct competitor. Stories now has 200m users everyday, compared to Snap’s 158m daily users. According to latest stats. As of today, Instagram announced that it now has 700 million active users, 100 million of which have joined in […]

Instagram for Android can work with no internet connection

Instagram¬†has long required a constant internet connection to even function, some devices do cache a limited amount of recently view photos which you can browse when offline, but any likes or actions you take won’t get saved. Facebook introduced Facebook Lite around two years ago, which is designed mainly for the emerging markets where 4G and faster internet connections aren’t so widely available and also for lower end Android One […]

Instagram now has over 500 million users

The popularity of the social media giant Instagram has been growing rapidly ever since it’s inception and also after Facebook acquired the company too. Also in the past Instagram has never shared how many active users it actually has but now due to the circumstances and the milestone that they have achieved, the company has revealed today that it now has over 500 million users signed up and just 300 […]

Instagram launches new app which creates 1 second videos

Earlier today, Instagram launched a new app which lets you make one second videos, which then get looped – almost like a GIF animation. Instagram is building some simple but genuinely useful applications for iOS, Layout lets you arrange your photos into a collage and then post it to Instagram, Facebook or download it. Hyperlapse arrived last year just before the release of iOS 8 which actually did include a […]

Instagram now has place and people search on the website

Last month, Instagram introduced a new feature to the app which introduced some new search capabilities and now the new search options have been expanded to the web version of Instagram, starting this week. In the search box you can now search for hashtags, people and places. Although for some reason, trending people and places aren’t yet included in the search on the web. Also non-geotagged photos can’t be search […]

Instagram sends photo highlights, by email

Instagram used to be a list for a small collection of friends which adopted the new social network not long ago, but now everyone seems to be using it, so checking in on it is a bit overwhelming, this endless list of photos of people‚Äôs coffee, pets and holidays is becoming a bit too much. To bring some users back, Instagram is sending out emails which aim to show you […]