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Intel acquires chip maker Altera for $16.7 billion

In the company’s biggest acquisition to date, worth $16.7 billion – Intel has just finished with the details on the purchase of Altera, who also makes chips, the idea being that this will help Intel make faster processors doubling the speed that we currently have which will help with data crushing in factual recognition and self driving cars. The Wall Street Journal explained why this makes a huge difference, the […]

Microsoft teams up with OEMs and Intel for new ad campaign

It’s not news anymore that the PC industry is doing badly. Just earlier in this year in July figures were released that overall PC sales were dropping 10-12% every year, whereas Mac sales were surging ahead with 5-6% extra market share in the second quarter of 2014 and 7.8% in Q2 2015. In fact Lenovo, HP and Dell haven’t done that well. Dell had a negative growth of -8.7% ad HP […]