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iPhone 7 is now offered in (PRODUCT) RED

Earlier today, Apple announced a few new products, price changes and also a new app. But one of the most intriguing is the new Product Red iPhone 7. Tim Cook did mention in the press release that Apple and the charity backed by Bono have been working together for 10 years, in that time Apple has helped contribute around $130 million in special edition red products, from iPad cases, iPods […]

Third public betas of iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4 released today

Apple has been busy preparing the new iOS 10.3 update for the last few weeks, with registered developers being given access to the beta as per usual to test compatibility and iron out any bugs. But now with the release of iOS 10.3 beta 3 Apple has opened up testing to any registered public testers. How do I test? If you like the sound of testing new beta software for […]

AT&T shuts down old 2G network, ending support for the first iPhone

Earlier this week, American wireless carrier AT&T officially announced that it’s original 2G network was shut down on January 1st 2017. In a article from The Verge, they point out that the original iPhone will be unusable now as that relied on the 2G network from AT&T, making the device unusable for cellular communication, also there may be a lot of collectors and a small group of people who do still use […]

This is what the original iPhone interface could have looked like

The original iPhone, when it was launched back in 2007 wasn’t a massive hit, but with the second and third generation Apple’s new smartphone was selling in big numbers and was a huge hit with critics, once the App Store was added. But back went the iPhone was being developed, it went through so many internal prototypes and variations – like all electronic products do. But what we never saw […]

Apple releases iOS 10.1.1 with bug fixes

Just today, Apple has released yet another iOS update; iOS 10.1.1 – this release fixes a few bugs, a few which have been present since iOS 10 was originally launched last month. iOS 10.1.1 is availble for all devices that are currently running iOS 10. iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later as well as the iPod touch 6th generation. How do I upgrade? As usual you can […]

iOS 10 will be available September 13th

We’ve seen the new iPhone announced earlier today, but for everyone else with older iPhones and iPads iOS 10 will be the next thing we will be doing. iOS 10 will be released to existing iOS devices on September 13th. What’s new in iOS 10? For a full, in depth look at the features of iOS – read our post from WWDC In short iOS offers a lot of new […]

Apple sends out invites for iPhone 7 event

Yesterday morning, Apple sent out invites to it’s highly anticipated media event for the iPhone 7. The event is going to be held on September 7th at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Details of the new iPhone 7 have circling the web in the past few months, speculating on the details and mostly – whether or not the new iPhone will have a headphone jack. What will […]

Apple Pay launches in France today

Since it’s debut in the UK last July, Apple Pay has really been a big hit here in the UK, US, Australia, Canada and more, major stores such as M&S, Costa, Coop and McDonald’s are already accepting payments from Apple Pay. Now Apple is expanding the service into France today along with partnerships with MasterCard and Visa, users can add these cards to the Wallet app to use in stores […]

Nightshift will eventually come to every Apple device

It has now been officially confirmed that Night Shift is coming to every Apple device from this point forward. Apple introduced this special Night Shift feature with the introduction to iOS 9.3.  Since this time Apple Night Shift mode has been updated for both the iPhone and iPad in iOS 9.3.2 beta. The principles of which the device is set out to accomplish is to: save strain on your eyes, improve […]

Apple releases new betas for iOS, tvOS and OS X

Earlier this week Apple released new betas for iOS 9.3.3, OS X 10.11.6 and tvOS 9.2.2 and this is only a few weeks after the company released the first version of the software betas. Also it is only a week ago since Apple released the third beta of iOS 9.3.3, but this update has no new features just bug fixes to make it stable for release. OS X 10.11.6 and tvOS […]