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Nightshift will eventually come to every Apple device

It has now been officially confirmed that Night Shift is coming to every Apple device from this point forward. Apple introduced this special Night Shift feature with the introduction to iOS 9.3.  Since this time Apple Night Shift mode has been updated for both the iPhone and iPad in iOS 9.3.2 beta. The principles of which the device is set out to accomplish is to: save strain on your eyes, improve […]

Apple releases new betas for iOS, tvOS and OS X

Earlier this week Apple released new betas for iOS 9.3.3, OS X 10.11.6 and tvOS 9.2.2 and this is only a few weeks after the company released the first version of the software betas. Also it is only a week ago since Apple released the third beta of iOS 9.3.3, but this update has no new features just bug fixes to make it stable for release. OS X 10.11.6 and tvOS […]

iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro pre-orders now open

Earlier this week Apple announced the new smaller and faster iPhone SE as well as the 9.7-inch edition of the iPad Pro. Also the company revealed a few extras such as software, accessories and Apple Watch bands. iOS 9.3 was a big upgrade in it’s own right introduced a new feature called ‘Night Shift’ which automatically manages the amount of blue light that your device is emitting at night time to help […]

Apple launches new smaller iPhone SE

As heavily rumoured all this year, Apple has launched a new smaller iPhone called the ‘iPhone SE’ today at the Town Hall located at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. In design the entire phone looks exactly the same as the older iPhone 5s but adds most of the internals from the current iPhone 6s which has the 64-bit A9 chip with M9 co-motion processor for hands-free Siri. Apple stated in the keynote […]

Apple’s media event is set for March 21

Apple’s next media event is now set in stone for later this month on March 21, so far the tech media has been buzzing with what will come out of Cupertino for this Spring and also it’s been rumoured heavily as to what is to be announced. The event will take place on March 21, assumably at the usual time of 10am PTZ and 6pm BST. Earlier this month, we […]

Apple set to launch new iPad and smaller iPhone on March 21

Many rumours have been surrounding the tech community on when Apple is planning on releasing an updated version to the iPad Air, as last year back in October the company seemed to miss out the 9.7-inch iPad from the keynote and instead unveiled the iPad Pro and iPad mini 4. Also rumours have suggested that a smaller iPhone is due, named the iPhone 5SE which will revert back to the […]

Warning: People are sharing a link which will crash your iPhone

There’s a link being shared over the internet which is primarily designed to crash the Safari browser on your iPhone, once you visit the site which is crashsafari.com it’ll force the device into a reboot, TechRadar have tested the website and have confirmed that it does indeed crash your iPhone, iPad or computer running Safari. The website works buy loading a never ending stream of characters, which in turn makes it so that the […]

iPhone 7 might have wireless Beats earbuds included

Over the past week or two the rumour mill has been churning out the speculation that the next iPhone, the iPhone 7 will be drastically thinner, waterproof and also something which is most controversial – drop the headphone port. To also aid this rumour, 9to5Mac have reported that Apple may be working on a special wireless version of Beats earbuds to complement the iPhone 7, according to the site the […]

9 years ago today, Apple unveiled the iPhone

Back in 2007 – exactly nine years ago today Apple made history, unveiling the very first iPhone which may look a bit restricted but back then Blackberry ruled the smartphone market, so this entry from Apple was a big change. Steve Jobs famously took to the stage and said these words “A revolutionary mobile phone. A breakthrough internet communications device. An iPod. A phone. And an internet communicator. An iPod. […]