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Apple will start selling all colours of the M1 iMac in its stores

Apple is going to start selling all colours soon of the new 2021 M1 iMac which the company launched earlier this year in April. Shortly after today’s iPhone event, Apple is expected to change how there iMac is sold in its official retail stores. Since introduction Apple has only sold the ‌iMac‌ in green, pink, blue, and silver in its stores, most likely to take up less space, however later […]

LG announces new 4K OLED UltraFine Display for Mac

This week, LG has launched a brand new 32-inch UltraFine Display for use with Apple Macs. This is LG’s first over OLED monitor and it is on sale now in the US for $3,999. The new display follows on from the company’s previous line of UltraFine displays which were designed in conjunction with Apple and came in two sizes, one at 4K and one at 5K – both were on […]

Apple now offering some new graphics cards for Mac Pro

Apple has today changed the graphics card options for the Mac Pro, with the addition of a new AMD Radeon Pro W6900X module, which comes it at £5,600 for one or £11,600 for two, one card has 32GB of GDDR6 memory. Prices are $5,600 and $11,600 in the US respectively. Apple is also offering the AMD Radeon Pro W6800X, W6800X Duo in addition to the W6900X at £2,400 for one […]

With iPadOS 15 and macOS 12, the iPad and Mac get Lower Power Mode

Apple announced its new operating systems for 2021 this week at WWDC and a few tidbits have come out in the past few days, one of them is the addition of Lower Power Mode to macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15, marking the first time the feature has moved beyond the iPhone since the feature was introduced. Low Power Mode came to the iPhone in 2015 with iOS 9 and throttles […]

This could be the new Mac mini

Today, Apple leaker Jon Prosser has shared what could be the next generation Mac mini, with the same M1X chip as the upcoming MacBook Pro that is rumoured to be launching at WWDC in June. The new Mac mini has been rendered by Ian Zelbo, based on schematics sent to Prosser. Prosser has said the new Mac mini will have four Thunderbolt ports, two USB-A, one Ethernet, and HDMI. Usually […]

Apple is now discontinuing the space grey Mac accessories

This week, Apple decided to discontinue the space grey Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad with all three products still being listed for sale, but like it did with the HomePod the product listings say: “While supplies last”, in pretty small text. The iMac Pro was discontinued back in March this year and the discontinuation of these accessories is likely due to that. Apple only launched these accessories […]

AppleCare+ can now be extended for more than three years for Macs

Apple has updated the way AppleCare+ works in the US for its Mac models, with an updated support document to back it up too. AppleCare+ in the US can now be extended for more than three years in the US only for Macs, for example if you had purchased a three year plan for AppleCare+ it would expire after that period, but now you can choose for the plan to […]

Mac mini can now be upgraded to 10Gb Ethernet

Following the news and releases of the Apple event today, Apple has quietly updated the Mac mini in the lineup to now support the option of 10Gb Ethernet. In the move from Intel to M1 chips last November, the option for 10Gb Ethernet was removed and it wasn’t obvious why, however today Apple have rectified this issue and the M1 Mac mini can now be upgraded from 1Gb Ethernet to […]

Windows 10 now works on Apple’s latest M1 Macs

Since Apple launched its new Mac models with its own Apple Silicon chips inside, running any kind of Windows has been basically impossible, as Boot Camp itself isn’t supported on M1 Macs. For a long time, virtualisation software has been available on macOS, the most famous of which being Parallels and they have come to the rescue to get Windows 10 working on Arm based Macs. Parallels has released an […]

New unreleased iMac appears in Xcode crash logs

Apple seems to be getting ready to release a brand new iMac soon, as a potential future and unreleased iMac has popped up in the crashlogs within Xcode. The model in question was shown as an iMac model with an ARM processor, hinting towards an Apple Silicon powered iMac coming soon. Apple is now in the process of shifting its entire Mac line up from Intel to Apple Silicon and […]