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Windows 7 is now no longer officially supported by Microsoft

That’s it, times up – no ifs, not buts – Windows 7, it’s over. Today is the day, Microsoft has now dropped support for Windows 7. Users still using the over ten year old operating system will now no longer get any software or security updates. We reported back in December that Microsoft would be ending support for Windows 7 today and that at the time, 17% of business in the […]

Support for Windows 7 is ending on January 14th 2020

Back in September 2018 we reported that quite a large number of businesses were still using Windows 7 at the time. When that was written there was around 500 days left until Windows 7 would go unsupported, in the report it found that 17% of business in the US and UK weren’t even aware that Windows 7 would lose support soon and also 33% of businesses were still running Windows […]

Support for Windows 7 ends soon and businesses are still using it

Well, soon isn’t that soon, but when you are in charge of a large corporate IT rollout, 500 days isn’t that much time to organise, research and then actually deploy an entirely new operating system for the company. But that is how much time is left until Microsoft is ending official support for Windows 7, an operating system which was released nearly ten years ago. Windows 7 is still out […]

Come September 1, support for the classic version of Skype will end

Later this year, in September Microsoft will be ending the support for the older version of Skype, with version 8.0 replacing the older ‘Classic’ 7.0 version. The company is urging customers to upgrade at some point between now and September 1st 2018, which is the cut off date. Earlier this month, on July 16th – Microsoft released Skype 8.0 for Windows desktop and this will now replace Skype 7.0 and […]

Microsoft is pulling its Groove Music apps on iOS and Android

It’s nearly the end of the road for Microsoft Groove users, the company announced at the end of last year that Groove Music would end up being retired in favour for a partnership with music streaming conglomerate, Spotify. Today however, Microsoft is moving a little closer to fully shutting down Groove Music altogether, while Windows 10 users were promised the app would stay around this can’t be said for the […]

New Windows 10 update delayed, due to blue screen issue

Last week, Microsoft did have a new major update for Windows 10 ready and waiting to be pushed out, with April 10th as the day marked for the release. However some last minute issues with the release, resulted in an entirely new build to testers instead of a patch being issued out. What was the issue? The main bug was spotted in a release (17133) which wasn’t made available to […]

Microsoft Edge is now available on Android tablets and iPads

Last year, Microsoft released the Edge browser to devices outside of the Windows platform for the first time ever, the Windows 10 specific browser was designed at the same time and for the operating system. It was designed to be optimised or Windows 10 and to be fast, but also to move on from the bad press Internet Explorer has carried with it for so long. Last year, Microsoft Edge […]

Xbox party chat is now on Android and iOS

Microsoft’s party chat feature is now available in the Xbox app, on iOS and Android. The feature has been tested in beta now for a few months and has finally been released to the public. The feature is pretty self explanatory, like on the Xbox, Xbox Live users will be able to text or chat via voice via the app. For the first time, users will be able to talk […]

Microsoft Office 2019 will require Windows 10 to operate

Microsoft will be releasing the next big update to Office later this year and this week, Microsoft has provided some more information on what is required to run it when it is released. Windows 10 only First and foremast, Office 2019 will only work on Windows 10, unless you are using Office 365. Basically if you want to buy Office 2019 outright, then by the sounds of it, it will […]

New Xbox One update includes a do not disturb mode

This week, a new update for the Xbox One was released to testers that are on the Xbox Insider program. The new release includes a new do not disturb mode, which will be useful for gamers looking to kick back and game with no distractions, this also goes hand in hand with a new status for your friends to see whether or not your are in do not disturb mode, […]