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Netflix’s ‘The Irishman’ had 26.4 million accounts watch, in the first week

Netflix invested a lot of money in its new film, The Irishman – a reported $200 million, so it has bet a lot on this film and it seems to have paid off. The film is super long, at around 3 and a half hours and in the first week it was on the service, Netflix has revealed that in that amount of time, the film has had 26.4 million separate accounts […]

Some older Samsung TVs and Roku boxes won’t work with Netflix come December

Netflix has said that come December this year, some older Samsung and Vizio smart TVs from the 2010/2011 era will stop working with Netflix, due to technical limitations. This is to be expected, as devices – especially ones that rely on the internet, cannot be supported for ever. Netflix notified customers a few weeks ago – and today, they have provided some more information as to why it won’t work. […]

‘Orange is the New Black’ season seven will be its last

Another Netflix series is being canned this week, but it is at least going to end on a good note. Orange is the New Black is the highly successful and highly rated series based in an all women prison. The series launched back in 2013 and six seasons later the show has had mainly positive reviews over that time. Just this week, via Twitter the show posted a video with the […]

Netflix now has over 100 million subscribers

Netflix is quickly becoming huge, the online subscription service has recently surpassed 100 million subscribers this week, showing hardly any sign of slowing down. Netflix has said that in the recent check of the numbers, it has gained more US based customers from the last quarter, since 2011. Netflix now has around 103.95 million subscribers, which has increased by 5.2 million since mid April this year, when the numbers were […]

Netflix on Android can now be charged to Google Play

Similar to how the payments system works on iOS, Google also allows third-party developers to utilise users payment details from their Google Play account to make purchases for subscriptions and various things within the app. Now Netflix is one of the latest apps to use Google Play Billing, Netflix has said that this will be slowly rolling out over the next few weeks. This feature on iOS and Android just makes […]

House of Cards will have a fifth series in 2017

Good news House of Cards fans, Netflix is officially bringing back the ever popular series back to the streaming service for another fifth series, it’ll be showing in 2017 but there will be a bit of a catch, for the first four seasons Beau Willimon has been the creator, writer and show runner but he feels that it’s finally time to move on from the show and start something new. Beau […]

Netflix on the Wii U gets new update, adds profiles

Netflix for the Wii U hasn’t always had all the new features, but probably the best way in our opinion is to use an Apple TV for Netflix. But the app on Wii U has been updated and now has the option to autoplay episodes for when you’re binge watching that series and the profile features. Also the app automatically streams video to the GamePad, rather than having it for […]

The ‘Netflix Card’ is a new pay-as-you-go system for the service

Signing up for Netflix in the UK gives you two options: Enter in card details on the website or use PayPal. The latest idea from Netflix allows you to use the service on a pay-as-you-go type system, basically allowing you to access a few more films after the free trial a bit easier than signing up fully. The “Netflix Card’ comes in three different price tiers – £15, £25 and £50. […]

Netflix may be advertising it’s own content on the service

This week, Netflix announced in statement to Cord Cutter News that it is in the process of testing advertisements for other content on Netflix, but not third-party ads like Hulu does. On Monday, Netflix’s Reed Hastings posted on Facebook that; “No advertising coming onto Netflix. Period. Just adding relevant and cool trailers for other Netflix content you are likely to love.” – Reed Hasting, Netflix This testing process could be a move towards cheaper […]

Top Gear may come to Netflix

Top Gear has been off air for a while now due to a disagreement with Jeremy Clarkson a few months back and the BBC has abandoned the show all together, but the trio may be in talks with other channels on to launching a new show on Netflix or ITV. A possible deal with Netflix may be in the works and the show may be called “House of Cars” – which […]