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Nintendo Switch is going to launch in Brazil soon

Nintendo is going to start selling the Switch in Brazil soon, this is after five long years of not selling direct to the country due to exorbitant taxes at the time, which made selling in Brazil unsustainable for Nintendo. Since the Switch launched over three years ago, fans have had to import or look at resellers to get one. Last August, the President of Brazil announced that taxes had been […]

Nintendo releases 10.0.4 update for Nintendo Switch

Today, Nintendo has released a relatively minor update for the Switch and Switch Lite, bringing the version to 10.0.4. With this new version, Nintendo is addressing an issue with the Nintendo eShop which would make it very hard or sometimes impossible to add funds or register a new credit card to your account. “We have fixed the issue where it was not possible in some countries or regions to add funds […]

Nintendo releases 10.0.3 update for Nintendo Switch

Yesterday, Nintendo released minor update for the Switch and Switch Lite, bringing the software version up to 10.0.3 now. Version 10.0.2 came at the end of April and version 10.0.1 was a much smaller release with only very minor bug fixes. Version 10.0.3 is more of the same, very minor bug fixes: Release notes General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience To update your Nintendo Switch, it can […]

Nintendo has added four more SNES and NES games for the Switch

Nintendo has announced it is bringing four more retro games to the Switch, for free for those who pay for the Switch Online service, which is £17.99 a year and as well as letting you play online, save game progress to the cloud and more you also get access to a back catalog of NES and SNES games. Nintendo is over time, adding more and more games from the back […]

Nintendo releases very minor 10.0.1 update for Switch

This week, Nintendo released a very small and minor update for the Switch, version 10.0.1 and it only includes some minor improvements to the OS, which means some small bug fixes. Version 10.0.0 was a much larger release, it came out a few weeks ago and you could move software between the onboard memory to an SD card if needed and also buttons could be remapped. Release notes General system […]

Nintendo is reportedly increasing production of the Switch to meet current demand

Ever since the lockdown started, demand for the Nintendo Switch has skyrocketed. In the last few weeks numerous retailers had reported they have no stock left and a quick check on Amazon in both the UK and the US shows a lack of stock at the moment. Also, when the new Animal Crossing edition went on sale recently, supplies were very limited from the start. Demand was so high for […]

Nintendo releases new version 10.0.0 update for Switch

Nintendo has just released a new system update for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, which among other things now allows users to move where games are stored – either on an external SD card or actually on the console itself. Users can now transfer downloadable software, update data, and DLC from the system memory to an SD card (and vice versa). Nintendo Version 10.0.0 also includes the ability to […]

Nintendo is reported to be working on remastering classic Mario games this year

The original Super Mario Bros game was launched in Japan back in 1985 which is now thirty five years ago and to mark the anniversary it has been reported that Nintendo would be planning remastering a selection of classic Mario games for the Nintendo Switch. According to Video Games Chronicle, who has had multiple stories surrounding this, Nintendo will be remastering many of the classic Mario games for the Switch, including […]

This is the Animal Crossing edition of the Nintendo Switch

The new Animal Crossing themed Nintendo Switch console is the latest themed Switch release – and it is gorgeous! The design of this version of the Switch is inspired by the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. The Joy-Con controllers are in lovely pastel green and blue colours; The wrist straps are colour matched with the corresponding Joy-Con, we think this is a nice added touch from Nintendo. The back of […]

Mario Kart Tour multiplayer will be available 8th March

Mario Kart Tour has been on the iPhone and Android for a few months now, when it launched on the iPhone first, shortly after the iPhone 11 was launched it was a massive hit, as it was the first time Mario Kart in any form was launched on non-Nintendo hardware. But it had one big glaring omission – multiplayer, as Mario Kart isn’t really Mario Kart without playing with your […]