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OnePlus will be showing of the 7 Series on 14th May

This week, OnePlus has announced that the next generation of phones will be unveiled very soon, on 14th May. The company is planning events in New York, London, Beijing and Bangalore so local journalists and YouTubers can get hands on time with the latest handsets. Get ready for the OnePlus 7 Series.https://t.co/ViZaz53XXk pic.twitter.com/9oRGqVqLOH — OnePlus (@oneplus) April 23, 2019 OnePlus is actually selling tickets to the event and the prices […]

New OnePlus handset to launch this March

In a report from gadget blog Gizmochina its suggested that OnePlus may be launching a new phone this upcoming March. The Chinese smartphone company has only just launched the OnePlus 5T in the past few months, so the new release is expected to be the OnePlus 6. This news came from the above mentioned blog Gizmochina and the original source is an anonymous source, who spoke to the blog. What will the specs […]

The OnePlus 5 is now available in ‘Soft Gold’

The OnePlus company was only founded a few years ago, a short while back in 2013 the company launched their first phone into the market, it honestly took the smartphone industry by storm. With consecutive hardware releases from the first introduction of the OnePlus One, in 2014 – the company has gone on to have successful sales, with new models coming out every year, or sometimes more than one model […]